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How To Regrow Your Green Onions!

Updated on January 17, 2016
Ivory Morgan profile image

Ivory is a nutritional enthusiast and enjoys cooking for health. I love using food as medicine.

Green Onions
Green Onions | Source

Regrowing Green Onions For A Never Ending Onion Supply!

Growing your own green onions is extremely simple and a great learning experience for young children. It can be done in a few easy steps!

  1. Fill a glass with water about halfway to the top
  2. Take used green onions, cut a few inches above the root, and add to the water
  3. Wait 2-4 weeks, until the green tops have grown and repeat!

Never ending green onions! You will never have to go to the store again! The best part is, this works well during any season of the year. The pictures to the right, I just took of the green onions I am currently growing, right now it is the middle of winter in January. (don't let the lack of snow fool you!)

You can see on the right, I have green onions growing in the glass at many stages. You can simply cut what you need and place it back in the cup. Be sure to change the water every other day.

© 2016 Healthy Habits


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    • Ivory Morgan profile image

      Healthy Habits 2 years ago

      I have found good luck with the green onions, every now and then I get a dud of an onion, but for the most part they all grow pretty fast. Right now because it is winter, and there is not much sunlight, they are taking about 3 weeks to grow big enough to cut. That really tall one in the picture is 4 weeks old. I wish you the best of luck! I hope it works out well!

    • Taopi profile image

      Taopi 2 years ago

      I tried this with romaine lettuce a couple of times after reading an article somewhere online, but the growth was so minimal (a lovely romaine thumb-size) that it was almost laughable. I'm going to try this with green onions, though. I not only love the idea, but love green onions as well. I'm thinking I might have better luck with onions being they are a bulb plant. I'm going to definitely experiment and see what happens! Thank you for the informative hub! :)