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How To Tell If Bananas Are Ripe

Updated on November 21, 2013

The key to knowing whether bananas are ripe is color. Look at the color of the bananas and you will know what stage of ripeness the bananas are at.

Green bananas are not yet ripe. They should be hard and the peel very thick.

Yellow with a little Green
Yellow bananas with a little green at one end are at the first stage of ripeness. These bananas are not yet fully sweet.

Bananas that are entirely yellow are ripe. The peels should have thinned and the bananas should be softer and sweeter.

Yellow with Brown Spots
Yellow bananas with brown spots are full-ripe bananas. They are at the height of sweetness and have the strongest banana flavor.

Bananas that are entirely brown are overly ripe yet shouldn't be thrown away as they are great for baking. They are incredibly sweet and very soft.

If you store bananas in the fridge they will turn black. They are fine to eat but will stop ripening in the fridge.

How to Ripen Bananas

Maybe you purchased unripened bananas and want to eat them asap. Here is how you can ripen bananas.

1. Place The Banana(s) in a Paper Bag

Please your banana(s) in a brown paper bag and close it up. This will trap ethylene gas which will help to ripen the banana(s). To speed up the process, add an uncut and unpeeled tomato, apple or pear to the bag.

2. Use Heat

If you are looking to ripen your banana(s) instantly, you can use the heat from an oven to accelerate the ripening process. Simply place your unripe banana(s) on a cookie sheet and put it/them into an oven set on its lowest setting. Keep an eye on your banana(s) and once the peel(s) is/are a dark yellow the banana(s) is/are ripe.

More Tips for How to Ripen Bananas

How to Prevent Bananas From Ripening

If you want to stop your bananas from ripening or slow down the ripening process, you can do the following:

1. Place them in the fridge.

The cold in the refrigerator will slow down the ripening process.

2. Hang them.

By hanging bananas on say a banana stand, it simulates when they hang on the tree and slows down the ripening process.

3. Separate them.

Bananas in bunches ripen faster than individual bananas.

Learn How to Store Bananas

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