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How To Tell If Milk Has Really Expired

Updated on May 6, 2009

Has Your Milk Really Expired or Are You Just Wasting Your Money?

Many people would just get rid of the milk after reading that it's expiry date has passed. Personally I think this is a waste of food and money.

My mother has never poured milk down the sink just because the bottle says so. It isn't told to expire on that day.This is just an estimate, for extra health and safety measures. These measures are there because people who live in the modern society have no idea about where their food comes from, or indeed what it should look, taste or smell like when it has gone off.

This is what I do. If I see that the expiry date of the milk has passed or I have some suspicions; I pour a little milk into a cup (1/4 cup) and put it in the microwave until it boils. Take it out and if the milk has curdled, it is expired, if it hasn't curdled (which is mostly the case), it's fine, you can drink it. Easy! Nothing will happen to you. 

Note: This article only speaks from experience, it is NOT EXPERT ADVICE.

I hope this was helpful. Try it at home and see how much money you save on just milk alone. Feel free to leave me any comments


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    • profile image

      Lavi 5 years ago

      Yes sometimes the milk looks just fine, doesn't look strange yet, doesn't smell sour yet, but it is past expiry date. Then I know my mom used a trick - she put a bit of milk in a tablespoon and held it over the stove flame (to boil it). If it boiled, then the milk was still good, if it curdled it was bad, and threw the whole lot away. If it was good, she boiled it all and let it cool. Super safe, i'd say!

    • profile image

      sharon 6 years ago

      21st of October 2011

      Wairau Paknsave

      Around 7.30pm

      Same night fed to daughter 4 years old

      At around 1 am next morning she wakes up crying and screaming she was very pale and her lips were dry and white she complained of a sore stomach, gave her Paracetamol.

      30 minutes later she starts vomiting I gave her some water after she vomited, but she continued vomiting, she was very tired so I put her to sleep she vomited again, and did not sleep but instead kept vomiting and screaming until about 4ish, I then took her to shore care, on the way there she vomited about twice and when the doctor checked her he said this is food poisoning and this would last for 3 to 4 days, he said she won’t be able to eat well because everything she ate she’s vomit out again, if she gets a fever you should bring her back. I gave her some panadol but she kept vomiting so I tried to put her to bed again! And when she finally got to bed, I was relieved of having to take her from place to place.

      In the morning when I woke up the first thing that was on my mind was what did she possibly eat or in this case drink to get bad food poisoning like this. I then thought to myself the last thing she had was 250ml anchor calci yum strawberry milk, so I called my son to go get the empty carton and when he gave it to me I was not surprised to see it was expired. The same day at about 8:30am I rang Paknsave and asked to speak to the chill department manager and when I explained the situation to him and he apologized and told me that he’d get back to me after. After one month the manager called me and said I can not do anything about it, and there is no law in new zealand that will allow me to sur him.


    • profile image

      EM 8 years ago

      I can tell if it is expired when, it has a yellow colour, a sour smell, and a lumpy consisteny

    • profile image

      Me 8 years ago

      Or when theres solid globs inside then its expired

    • s4usabs profile image

      s4usabs 8 years ago from London

      Yeah I guess you could but I really don't trust my sense of smell.

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      I just sniff it. Easy to tell if milk is off with a quick sniff!