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How to Bake with Healthier Sugar

Updated on May 26, 2011

By baking with a healthier sugar, as opposed to regular sugar, you will help reduce the calories of your favorite foods, including desserts. This way, you can feel less guilty next time you indulge in delicious chocolate chip cookies or warm chocolate cake. You can also feel better about the food you are feeding your family because it will not be as high in fat and empty calories as it would if you were cooking with normal sugar.

Decide what kind of healthier sugar you will use in place of regular sugar. Some natural sweeteners that are great for cooking include honey, maple syrup, molasses, and corn syrup. These natural sweeteners are often sweeter than sugar and can have added health benefits. Types of artificial sweeteners that have been approved by the FDA and good for cooking with include saccharine, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose.

Figure out how much of the healthier sugar you will need in order to substitute for one cup of sugar. Artificial sweeteners are easy to calculate because they substitute cup-for-cup for granulated sugar. However, natural sweeteners are often harder to substitute because they usually do not substitute cup-for-cup. Honey substitutes ¾ cup plus 1 tablespoon per one cup of sugar because it is sweeter than sugar. Maple syrup substitutes ¾ cup per 1 cup of sugar. Molasses substitutes 1 1/3 cup per one cup sugar. Before making your dish, research the substitute sugar to see if there will be any other substitutions needed, such as a reduction in liquids.

Begin making your dish as you normally would. The only difference is that when it comes time to put sugar into the dish, you will place your substitute sweetener instead of sugar. Alternative sugars can sometimes have different cooking speeds, depending on how they cook, making it important to be informed on the sweetener you will be using beforehand.


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    • Ealisa Adams profile image

      Ealisa Adams 6 years ago

      Awesome thanks so much for the additional advice!!

    • etower036 profile image

      etower036 6 years ago from Helana

      I love this hub and you have given some great ideas for sugar substitute. However, one word about some of the suggestions. With suggesting Maple syrup, it is important to note that Maple syrup in the pure form is what you would want to use, and not a maple flavored syrup. These Maple flavored syrups contain High Fructose corn syrup, and artificial maple flavor. Also it is importante for your readers to know that there are three types of Molasses. first molasses, dark, or second molasses, and blackstrap. All in all, I did enjoy your hub.