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How to Choose Anodized Aluminum Cookware

Updated on December 31, 2011

The market is full of great cookware options, so choosing a new cookware set can be quite a chore. Hard anodized cookware is a popular new option thanks to its fast and even heat conduction, durability, and nonstick finish. If you are interested in anodized cookware, use the following criteria to help you find the best set for you.

Brand Loyalty

If you have a favorite kitchen brand or fond memories of the brand your grandmother used, start your search by looking at that brand’s selection of hard anodized cookware. Read all the reviews of this brand’s cookware sets that you can. Your own brand loyalty can indicate better than the reviews how much you will like that brand name’s cookware. If your favorite brand does not have a cookware set that fits your other considerations, move on to another brand.

Stove Type

Consider the type of cooktop you have when comparing hard anodized cookware. For example, you need flat-bottom pans to get the best heat conduction and faster cooking if you have a ceramic or glass cooktop. The proper pots and pans for your stove type will not scratch or damage it, while using the heat as efficiently as possible. Verify that the cookware you want matches the stove or cooktop you already have.

Your Cooking Style and Needs

One of the most important factors in your cookware buying decision is how and what you cook. For example, single cooks or those with small kitchens will probably want a stand 10-piece set. Starter sets that include a few utensils and bakeware in addition to the standard cookware are great for those starting out on their own, such as college students. If you have a large family or if you regularly entertain, cookware sets with more pieces and larger ones are more appropriate.


Considering your price point in your cookware search goes without saying. You may find quality hard anodized cookware in many price ranges, but most of the good sets, especially the brand-name sets, will be at least $100. One method to save some money on your cookware is to purchase a basic set and slowly acquire extra pieces, such as a bigger stockpot or a large deep saute pan, to complete the set.


Plenty of other factors may affect your cookware purchase. For example, some cookware sets may offer more than the standard pieces, have lids that fit multiple pieces, or come with particularly good warranty. Extra features like these can tip the scale in favor of one set or another, but your budget and cooking needs should always come first when you compare cookware.

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