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How to Cook Romantic Meals

Updated on April 27, 2015

Cooking a romantic meal does not need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. A romantic meal is all about appealing to the senses of the person it is being cooked for. Tailor the experience to the desires of your partner and the meal is sure to be romantic.

Raspberries | Source
A selection of grapes
A selection of grapes | Source

The Romantic Meal Menu

A romantic meal should be something that appeals to all the senses. It naturally must taste good, but it also must look amazing, release an enticing aroma and offer a variety of textures. A romantic meal should be satisfying and special. The choice of food is crucial. It should be something that the person it is being cooked for likes but does not eat often. It should not be a favorite food that is eaten all the time. It must be unusual and memorable. The meal setting must be equally special and be sure to allow plenty of uninterrupted time to enjoy the romantic meal. Turn cellular phones off and put a "do not disturb" sign on the door knob.

Coconut Crusted Shrimp
Coconut Crusted Shrimp | Source

Romantic Appetizers

Appetizers in a romantic meal should be something that can be shared. This allows for intimacy as the diners feed each other with their fingers. The appetizers should also be flavorful and colorful to entice the taste buds and be visually stimulating. You can make something fancy like stuffed mushrooms or oysters, but simple often works better. Berries and grapes are nice choices. They are simple yet elegant. Make a chocolate dip on the side to sweeten things up. Simple appetizers can also be ready and waiting on the table when your guest arrives.

Romantic Wine

If you are drinking wine with your romantic meal, make sure it is paired well with each course. Any wine store can help you do this if you bring your menu with you when you buy the wine. If the wine or glasses need to be chilled, do so far ahead of time so you don't forget. The key is to make the transition between wines and courses effortless. If you have trouble removing corks, get corkless bottles. If the wine needs to breathe, do it before your your guest arrives. If you are concerned about having too much of each wine, get single serve bottles. The last thing you want to do is battle wine bottles during your romantic meal.

Romantic Selection of Wine
Romantic Selection of Wine | Source

Romantic Entree

Your choice of entrée is critical to the success of the romantic meal. Remember that you are cooking for someone else, not yourself. Do not prepare your favorite dish if the other person is not crazy about it. Do not choose the other person's favorite dish if they eat it all the time. A romantic meal should be a treat. The entrée should be something the other person enjoys but doesn't get often.

A fancy foreign dish may not be the best choice if the person you are cooking for isn't into exotic tastes. If you are cooking for a meat and potatoes guy, cook him a choice steak. If you are cooking for a light eating woman, try some sushi. Whatever you make, it should be something that you can prepare for the most part ahead of time then quickly finish off once the guest has arrives. The romantic meal should be spaced out over time and you don't want to spend all your time in the kitchen when your guest is there. Simplicity of preparation is as important as the selection of food.

Steak and Potatoes
Steak and Potatoes | Source

Romantic Ingredients

A romantic meal must heighten all the senses. It should be visually spectacular. The presentation should ideally be simple and interspersed with splashes of color. Notice the sushi above with its simple yet elegant presentation and effective use of green, pink, black and white. To heighten the senses of smell and taste, use only the freshest ingredients and be bold but not overpowering with the seasonings. If the person you are cooking for likes spicy, then spice it up. Hot food tends to heat up the senses.

Sushi | Source

Romantic Setting

The setting of a romantic meal is every bit as important as the food. The location of the meal must be private and intimate. The idea is to focus all attention on the other person. To do this, minimize sensory input from other sources. Dim the lights and utilize soft illumination from a fireplace or candles. Soft romantic music sooths the mind and drowns out other noisy distractions. Some sweet smelling flowers, incense or scented oils put the diners at ease. If you want to go all out, sprinkle rose petals around. It is up to you how you wish to present the romantic setting. It just has to be special.

Spice Up the Romantic Meal
Spice Up the Romantic Meal | Source

Romantic Dessert

Dessert is the most important part of a romantic meal. It is an invitation to indulge. Make the dessert as extravagant and decadent as possible. It is not the time to worry about diets and restraint. Most people do not make their own desserts for romantic meals. This is an area best left to professionals. No one will question your commitment to making the romantic meal special because you bought a dessert at a bakery. As with the entrée, tailor your dessert choice to the person you are dining with. If they like pastries, get them the lightest and fluffiest pastries you can find. If they enjoy ice cream, spend extra to get imported Italian gelato. If they like chocolate, overwhelm them with a dessert containing several types of chocolate.

Romantic Night

A romantic meal is usually a prelude to a romantic night. It is not a time to worry about the mundane tasks of ordinary life. Dine at a leisurely pace, leave the leftovers out and do the dishes later. Just have fun and forget about your worries.

Leave the Dishes Until Later
Leave the Dishes Until Later | Source

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