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How to Cook White and Brown Rice in the Microwave

Updated on September 3, 2011

How Long Will it Take to Cook?

Rice cooked in the microwave may not be any quicker than cooking rice conventionally, but using this method means less messy saucepans to wash up! It also gives you separate fluffy grains every time, whether cooked from scratch or reheated.

How to Reheat White or Brown Rice

If you wish to reheat rice that's been cooked earlier in the day before serving, cover and microwave at 100% (High) for the times suggested below:

  • 1 serving -- 2-3 minutes
  • 2 servings -- 2-4 minutes
  • 4 servings -- 4-6 minutes

If you have frozen rice dishes you wish to reheat, there is no need to thaw or defrost them first, just cover and microwave at 100% (High) for the times suggested below, stirring once or twice during cooking:

  • 1 serving -- 2-3 minutes
  • 2 servings -- 4-6 minutes
  • 4 servings -- 6-8 minutes

Cooking Times and Terms

The cooking times stated above and below work well in my 800 watt microwave, but may need adjusting if you have a higher or lower watt model. As a general rule, you will need to decrease the cooking time by 40 seconds for every 100 watts higher than 800 watts and increase the cooking time by 40 seconds for every 100 watts lower than 800 watts.

Don't forget that food can overcook in seconds in a microwave, so it is always safer to under-cook it. If necessary, you can always return it to the microwave and cook it for a little longer.

Power settings are given in percentages - 100% and 50% and also as descriptions, High and Medium. These terms may not be the same on your model. Check your manufacturer's operating instructions for corresponding terms.

Step 1


How to Microwave White or Brown Rice

Measure the desired quantity of white or brown rice into a large casserole dish or rice cooker, together with a knob of butter or margarine and corresponding amount of salt as indicated in the chart below. Don't use too much, as extra can always be added after cooking.

Step 2


Stir in the measured amount of boiling water, cover with cling wrap or film rolled back at one edge or a loose-fitting lid. Microwave at 100% (High) as directed in the chart below, then reduce the power to 50% (Medium).

Step 3


Microwave for the remaining time, stirring a couple of times during cooking. Leave to stand, covered, for 5 minutes. Always fluff the rice with a fork before serving to lift and separate the grains.

Methods and Microwave Times for Cooking Rice

To cook short grain white or brown rice, use the directions for long grain rices as given above.

All photos on this hub by The Good Cook.


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