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How to Decorate a Cake with Whipped Cream

Updated on March 3, 2011

How to Decorate a Cake with Whipped Cream

 Your Best Cake yet Right in your Own Kitchen

            You thought of a surprise for your honey or your babies then you went to a cake shop, bought your surprise, and end up the day with a “thank you”. Could you imagine how that thank you could go farther if you have the cake baked and decorated yourself? Many would say decorating cakes are only for experts, but hey, you have a kitchen yourself also! So why not go beating the ingredients and follow these simple steps of decorating that surely any housewife could do!
The Cake
            Before anything else, one must consider having the base of the design in its almost perfect state. Some mommies may try to buy some readily baked plain cakes or just have it baked themselves. For those who are baking the cakes their own, it would be a big no-no to decorate the cake after having it cooled after the oven.
            Crumbing is the most common characteristic of a newly baked cake and it would be a mess if you apply the covering already. A cake designer would prefer having a day-chilled cake for the design. Yes, you’ve heard it right, freezing the cake overnight reduces a huge probability of crumbing, making its intact nature easy to work with. So better bake your cake a day before you design it.
            Before putting the cake into place, you may apply corn syrup to the surface of the cardboard to assure that the cake would stick in and that it would keep itself from constant movement. If you don’t have corn syrup, then a simple frosting would do.
            For square cakes, it is recommended that you trim the sides for a cleaner icing application. Then you make a balanced cut to split the cake into layers, allowing the cake filling. You may split the cake several times; just make sure you are to maintain balance. To make the top surface of the lower layer, you may have to brush it with syrup made from boiling half cup of sugar with a cup whole of water. 
The  Design
            You are to get a pastry bag full of whipped cream and you are to make a HUGE border to the sides of the lower layer. The reason for this is to regulate squeezing of the icing to the sides, to prevent a messy filling. Do squeeze the cream into the protected surface; you may flat those using a spatula provided you are working with wider cakes.
            When you are finished with the filling, then you go place the upper layer of the cake. Clean the sides by lifting the excess cream between the layers. Plot the whipped cream at the top generously, having the center as the focal point. In this way you are eased of going back and forth from the bowl to the cake. Using a turn table would be an aid as you slowly spread the whipped cream in the upper layer. This is the initial coating; therefore it does not need to be perfect yet for you are to return to the top layer as you work through the sides of the cake. Apply the whipped cream into the sides using the pastry bag and you are to continue this until all layers are coated. Use a pastry tool called “sharp edge” and wipe off the excess as you flatten the sides of the cake. Different from other tools, sharp edge makes the smoothing cleaner.
            Use different tips of the pastry bag in making the design for your cake. The most common is the star tip and one basic design is to have it wave along the edges of the cake. This would be a good design for a starter. Some may use smaller and daintier tips to accentuate details.
            Another easy design in cake decoration is having the whip cream continuously make small circular motions as you squeeze into the top layer. Had there been instances that you have to increase pressure in the pastry bag, then you are free to stop and continue once again.
            Some make use of making the flower style – getting a small flat top metal surface with a little handle, then in a waving pattern you slowly twist the handle until the whipped cream goes meets the starting point; do it again for the inner portion and end by waving it up, just like the flower style. Remove the flower-shaped whipped cream using a thin flat knife to carry in the lower surface and gently pushing it towards the desired position in the cake.
            Finish everything with extra edible designs like chocolate balls or powdered cocoa, depending on the flavor and look that you like.
            That’s it. It’s just as easy as going to cake shops and buying the cake that you like. It would not be always a perfects start, but with this little help in cake decorating cake with whipped, you are sure to have the personal touch in serving everybody their yummiest treat ever.        

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