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Recipes A to Z....."X" is for Xtraordinary Recipes.....How to Feed a Crowd

Updated on May 30, 2011

Everything begins with the Planning

Whether it is 25 people or 100 people you are serving, it's time to make lists.You will definitely need help, so enlist a couple of family members or friends.

Once you have decided how many people to invite, List #1 is FOOD. This includes everything from soup to nuts, to use a cliche. Snacks, (like mints and nuts) and "real" food, (like casseroles) to ingredients used to make recipes. Divide your list into two columns: perishables and non-perishables.

List #1 FOOD

List #2

List #2 should be BEVERAGES. Alcohol or no alcohol must be decided. If you have alcohol, you must have mixers. Juice, soda (for non-drinkers), coffee, tea.

One week before

1. Make or order ice, alcohol, flowers

2. Shop for non-perishable foods.

3. Buy everything on List #3, except ice and flowers.

Four days before

4. Select the serving dishes you will use. Need more? Ask a friend or consider renting dishes.

5. Check tablecloths or place mats. Wash and press, if needed.

6. Make sure you have enough silverware, vases, pitchers.

Three days before

7. Do heavy cleaning (floors and walls) and tidy up the house. The whole family can pitch in.

8. Decide where guests' coats will go. If you need hangers, get them now.

Two days before

9. Buy perishables on List #1. Wash and trim veggies and refrigerate.

One day before

10. Make extra ice, if needed.

11. Prepare dishes that can be served cold or reheated.

The Day of the event

12. Tidy the house in the morning.

13. Pick up flowers and ice, if needed.

14. Use "kid power" to help clean. Set out guest towels and soaps.

15. Arrange flowers, candles. Set up eating areas and drink area.

16. Assemble ingredients for dishes that will be cooked that day.


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