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How to Find Time to Prepare Meals at Home

Updated on December 29, 2007

Do you find yourself eating out, ordering pizza, or picking up fast food several days each week because you just can't seem to find the time to prepare meals at home. If so, you're certainly not alone. Individuals and families eat out more today than at any other point throughout history. Faced with juggling the duties and responsibilities of multiple career households and busy family lifestyles, it's becoming increasingly common for people to purchase prepared food more often than they prepare meals at home.

While eating out in and of itself isn't a bad thing, there are many benefits to increasing the frequency with which you cook and eat at home. Restaurant meals are expensive, and often full of extra calories, making them both budget and belt busters when you turn to them too frequently. When you're trying to get your spending and your weight under control, making the time to cook and eat at home more frequently is one of the best things you can do.

Can't Find Anything to Eat?

A lot of the time, I'll end up going out for dinner because I can't find anything to eat in the pantry or the refrigerator. A few thousand calories and thirty or so dollars later, my husband and I will return home and flop on the sofa or sit behind the computer for the rest of the evening. Of course, at that point, there's still nothing in the house to eat, so we're likely to repeat the same process tomorrow.

Change Your Mindset

It's quite possible that there really is plenty of food in the house. When looking in the refrigerator or pantry, it's easy to focus on the individual items that are there, rather than thinking about how you can combine the supplies you have on hand for a tasty meal. Before you decide that there isn't a single thing in your house that you can eat, make yourself look at the items on your shelves from the perspective of figuring out what you could combine for a great meal in less than 30 minutes. After all, if you go to a restaurant, it will take at least to travel to the restaurant and get your food.

If there really is nothing in the house to eat, the only way the problem will remedy itself is for you to go to the grocery store. For the same $30 you're likely to spend on one dinner in a restaurant, you can go to the supermarket and pick up enough supplies for at least a few meals. If you shop smart, it probably won't take any longer to run to the store and whip up a simple meal than it will take to go to your favorite restaurant. Not only will you enjoy a home cooked meal tonight, you'll still have food readily available for your next meal!

If you're stumped when it comes to ideas for quick cooking ideas, don't forget to check out the hot recipes postings here on HubPages!


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  • profile image


    11 years ago

    Great hub! I have way too much food in my house, and nothing to eat. I know I'm just lazy, and after a long day at work, too tired to care if I eat. I end up munching on carrots and fruit rather than take something out to fix.

  • Lissie profile image

    Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

    11 years ago from New Zealand

    Very true I find frozen stir fry vegetables and cans of fish in the cupboards is a good start to being able to find something to eat - its a circular problem -once you start eating out a lot you end up with nothing at home and you've forgotten your standard shortcuts -so you eat out a lot! Also when Icook I usually do a big batch and freeze the leftovers for instant meals when I can't be bothered

  • MrMarmalade profile image


    11 years ago from Sydney

    No but it looks great and I can almost smell it. have copied for my cooking chest.

    Thank you


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