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How to Make Bang Bang Shrimp and Scallops

Updated on October 14, 2011
Bang Bang Shrimp and Scallops.  A hit at any party!
Bang Bang Shrimp and Scallops. A hit at any party! | Source

Video Tutorial: How to make Bang Bang shrimp and scallops

How to Make Bang Bang shrimp and scallops


  • Deep Fryer or Heavy Duty Pan and a Stove
  • 2 Gallon Size Freezer Bags
  • Chopping Knife
  • Strainer
  • 2 Medium Sized Bowls
  • Wire Rack
  • Paper Towels

Ingredients for Bang Bang Shrimp:

  • Shrimp Frozen (1 lb bag), peeled, de-viened, and tail off
  • Bay Scallops Frozen (1 lb bag)
  • 4 cups Canola, Vegetable, or Peanut Oil
  • Green Onions/ scallions (about 1/3 cup diced)

Ingredients for Batter:

  • 1 cup Cornstarch
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • ¼ tsp Fresh Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper to taste

Ingredients for Bang Bang Sauce:

  • 1 cup Mayonnaise
  • 1 cup Sweet Chili Sauce (for Spring Rolls)
  • Srirachi Hot Sauce to Taste

Sushi Mark Tip: For a more classy presentation use “tail on shrimp” that are bigger, say large or jumbo. Use small square plates to give this dish more of a pop effect when served.

Chopped Green Onions

Chopped Green onions for bang bang shrimp and scallops.
Chopped Green onions for bang bang shrimp and scallops. | Source

Making Bang Bang Shrimp

Making Bang Bang Shrimp

Start offsimply byadding the seafood in a strainer, under cold flowing water. As soon asall of the seafood is thawed out, put itin a gallon sixe plastic bag with acouple of paper napkinto soak up any excess water. Put aside.

In acontainerincorporate together 1 cup of cornstarch, 1 tsp kosher salt, ¼ tsp fresh black pepper, and also thecayenne pepper to taste. Cornstarch is our top secret ingredient; it createsa nice, airy, crispy texture to the outsideof the seafood. To get a thicker batter, coat seafood and wait around 10-15 minutes for the batter to stick, then re-coat the seafood. Place this dry batter concoctioninto anew plastic bag and setaside.

Bang Bang sauce:

Inside a bowl, mix together equal parts of mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce. Add the srirachi hot sauce to taste. Mix together to includethe components. This tasty sauce is a pretty salmon color when it’s mixed. This sauce can also be great on fried fish! Place the Bang Bang sauce into a small plastic bag, cutting off a small corner of the bag so it acts like a pastry bag for final preparation.

the green onions / scallions into small rings, approximately 1/8” each.

Chopping Green Onions

Hit at Any Party!

Heat the oil in the fryer to 360* F. Have a handful of the seafood blend and place it into the freezer bag that contains the cornstarch batter mixture. Evenly coat the shrimp and scallops using the batter. Check to ensure that your hot oil is up to temp by dropping a tester shrimp into the fryer. When it is ready it'll begin to sizzle, boil, and fry immediately. If the oil isn't hot enough, the fried seafood will take on too much oil and will come out soggy and oily. Since the oil is to temperature, gently lower several pieces of seafood in to the oil. I personally use a wire spider I purchased from my local Asian market, it’s got a wooden handle having a braded wire basket on the end. Move the seafood around the fryer basket a couple of times ensuring nothing is sticking together. Cooking time should only be 1-2 minutes. Take care not to overcook your shrimp and scallops! The seafood is finished when they have turned from a white color to a gorgeous light brownish shade. Remove the seafood with your spider making sure to shake any excess oil off the food. Put them on the wired rack with paper napkin underneath it to empty off any extra oil.

We're now ready to plate. With respect to the portion you are serving (appetizer, main course) position some of the fried shrimp on top of an ornamental serving plate. Organize in small pile or leaning on each other. Take your “pastry bag” of Bang Bang sauce, drizzle the sauce over the shrimp and then scallops. Finish off with several slices of scallions. After you are ready to enjoy Bang Bang Shrimp and Scallops. This particular recipe is great being an appetizer or as the primary course, it’s popular at all my get-togethers!


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    • Backwood's Mama profile image

      Backwood's Mama 7 years ago from Umatilla, FL

      That's sounds wonderful. I love Bonefish Grill's Bang Bang Shrimp. I never thought to use scallops too. Wonderful idea!!!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      This looks really delicious! Have bookmarked it to come back to. Thanks for writing this.


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