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How to Make Good Homemade Popcorn in a Regular Cooking Pot

Updated on April 1, 2013

One of me and my wife's favorite things to make and eat, is homemade popcorn. It is also one of the most popular snacks in houses today. But usually, it is premade or microwave popcorn that is not as fresh or nutritious that people have. Many people think they have to have an actual popcorn maker, with special popcorn oil to make good homemade popcorn, but me and my wife have found out in the last year or so that this is not the case. Here are the directions of what we have been doing to make excellent homemade popcorn.

+ Ingredients:

- Oil (Olive or Canola are good)

- Raw popcorn kernels (White, must be white popcorn kernels, yellow do not not pop all the way and so are very crunchy; A two pound bag can be as little as ninety cents to a dollar and seventy cents to five dollars, I have found one handpicked from Wisconsin for a dollar seventy that I love)

- Medium sized Teflon cooking pot

+ Directions:

- Turn stove on medium-high heat

- Immediately pour oil in, a little before it covers the whole surface of the bottom of the pot (oil will continue to flow and flatten, covering whole surface)

- Immediately put two kernels in pot and cover with lid (Clear is fun and allows you to see kernels)

- Wait until both kernels have popped (If not a clear lid, listen for two big hollow pops, different from popping of oil if hot enough, okay to lift lid and look to make sure, but be careful, oil can pop and splatter and burn skin)

- Then pour in rest of kernels, only so they cover the surface of the bottom of the pot, only one layer and cover with lid, swish oil around once by moving pot back and forth

- Wait until kernels start popping, then start moving pot back and forth every few seconds

- A few seconds after popping stops being rapid, turn heat off (Popcorn easy to burn if in too long)

- Pour popcorn into large bowl, add sea salt (and perhaps garlic powder, oregano, etc. to your liking)

- Enjoy!

Grace and Peace.


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    • Seek-n-Find profile image

      Jenna Ditsch 5 years ago from Illinois

      Yum! Can you make some for me right now? :-)