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How to Make Mexican Chicken Chilaquiles. Easy Authentic Recipe and Tips

Updated on September 27, 2008

Oh the pleasures of leftover corn tortillas…and the older and staler the better! Seriously, cause when the tortillas get dried out enough to render them fairly unappetizing for your more traditional taco suppers, they're just coming into their own as the base for my very favorite Mexican breakfast of – the chilaquile!

Chilaquiles are a dish made hearty from chewy fried tortillas wedges simmered briefly in a spicy sauce, served with the addition of some form of meat, chicken or sausage and topped with fresh vegetables, pickled onions and always always, with sour cream!

Here are some easy instructions for preparing a very simple chicken chilaquile. A dish which can be made start to finish in 15 minutes and which is perfect for a hearty brunch or light (but still satisfying) Mexican dinner (and a dish that is perfect when you're cooking for one!)

Chicken Chilaquiles (for one)

  • 4 stale corn tortillas cut into wedges
  • 1 cup of any spicy red or green Mexican chile sauce (really, this recipe works with any sour and spicy Mexican sauce – so just use your favorite)
  • 1 small chicken breast, cooked and cut into cubes (leftover chicken in any form works equally well)
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Salt
  • Sour cream, pickled onions, fresh onion slices, queso fresco…and whatever else (guacamole, salsa) you enjoy on top!

Easy Steps

Heat the oil over medium, and when hot (drop a small piece of tortilla into the oil, and if the oil bubbles vigorously immediately, it's hot enough) add the tortillas wedges in batches. Fry until they are slightly crisped and browned, about 1 minute per chip, turning the chips once while in the oil. Remove from oil and let drain.

When all the chips are fried, toss them and the cooked chicken and the chile sauce into a heavy frying pan.

Thin the sauce with a couple of spoonfuls of water, and bring the mixture to a simmer over medium. Cover briefly and let it all come together for a couple of minutes.

Taste for seasoning, and add salt as needed. Slide the whole lot straight onto a plate, and top it all with your garnishes of onions, pickled onions, sour cream, lettuce and whatever else you may like.

Good food – I'd call it good for the soul food - and a far cry from the usual bacon and egg start to a weekend morning.

With a side salad, this breakfast with a kick transforms into a lovely and very easy dinner at home.


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    • profile image

      Jimmy C. 7 years ago

      The recipe was good but I have to honestly tell you that it is nothing like what I had in Mexico City. In the first place use green Tomatillos not canned. It gives the recipe

      a whole different flavor. Also, use Mexican Cheese, not any American or Italian. Also, use sour cream in the recipe.

    • John D Lee profile image

      John D Lee 8 years ago

      Hi Joe, Glad you enjoyed the recipe - Thanks very much for letting me know!

    • profile image

      joe tellez 8 years ago

      ooops..anyways..i cant believe how easy it was and most of all how good they came out..i topped em with cheese before i covered them for a couple minutes..then added cilantro with a lil chopped onion..and good!!thanks again!

    • profile image

      joe tellez 8 years ago

      thanks for the recipe..just got done making them and wow,waqs