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Make Microwave Fudge Fast

Updated on July 17, 2016

Microwave Fudge Recipe: Ingredients

  • 400ml Condensed Milk (one large tin) (1.75 cups)
  • 125g Butter
  • 500g Caster Sugar
  • 5ml Vanilla Essence
  • Flavourings and goodies to go into t he fudge: e.g. cherries, walnuts (see suggestions below for quantities)

Microwave Fudge Recipe: Method

This microwave fudge recipe is a straight forward combine/microwave/chill method, but the mix is EXTREMELY HOT so take care when you're taking the mix in and out of the microwave as it will burn you if you spill it! To make fudge in a microwave is easy, but you must be careful with the mixture.

When you are making fudge in a microwave, the ingredients reach very high temperatures, so it is important to use a Pyrex/glass/microwave proof bowl and not to use plastic - plastic might melt!

How to Make Microwave Fudge
How to Make Microwave Fudge

Microwave Fudge Recipe: Method

  1. Place all the ingredients into in very large GLASS bowl. During cooking the mix will bubble up and grow in size - a large bowl is required so it doesn't spill over.
  2. Microwave the mix on high for 9-10 mins, stirring every 2-3 minutes. This is for an 800w microwave, if yours is less powerful then it might take another couple of minutes, just keep an eye on it and keep stirring it.
  3. While it is in the microwave keep an eye on it so it doesn't spill over.
  4. Remove the bowl from the microwave and add in the vanilla essence.
  5. Add your flavours and other ingredients.
  6. Pour into a shallow tray and leave to cool.

During this cooking process, what you're trying to achieve is boiling the mix at a very high temperature, allowing it to bubble up, but stopping it before it spills over.


As with any cooking, and most things you do for the first time, don't expect perfect results the first time - 99% of the time you'll make great microwave fudge, but that very first time you're on a small learning curve.... and the next time you might try a larger bowl, or microwave it for another 1 minute, or maybe add more fillings, or leave it to set a bit longer.

By the time you've perfected your technique, with your fillings, in your microwave/kitchen you'll be able to make fudge in a microwave as if you've been doing it forever!

Microwave Fudge Recipe: Ideas

Once your fudge is cooled, you can cut it up into squares.

  • Why not give your fudge as a gift to somebody? Wrap it attractively in cello paper and tie it with some ribbon.
  • Produce two flavours of fudge by either splitting the mix into half once it's cooked and adding different ingredients, or even microwaving two separate batches of half the ingredients each.

Microwave Fudge Recipe: Flavours

Here are some ideas of what you can add into your fudge to flavour it. These ingredients will need to be added in at the end and stirred in before it cools.


Stir 250grams (1 cup, 8-9oz) of miniature marshmallows and 125g (½ cup, 4oz) of chopped nuts into the melted mixture once it's out of the microwave.


Stir 340grams (1½ cups, 12oz) of chocolate chips into the mix. You can either add it all at the start of the cooking process, or add some of it at the start and some of it at the end, giving you a chcolate fudge with chocolate chips.


Use peanut butter instead of butter in the main recipe.


Simply mix in a good handful (about ½ cup) of salted pistachio nuts - make sure the skins are rubbed, then chop them coarsely.

Making Coloured Fudge

If you want to make different coloured fudge, then just use food colours to colour it.

  • 3 drops of food colouring will usually give a light colour, but simply add the colour one drop at a time and mix it in until you have the colour you're after.

Images by:

Fudge By Siona Watson (originally posted to Flickr as STP62102) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 3 years ago from India

      I have never tried making fudge in the microwave. Am seriously tempted to give this one a try