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How to Make a Perfect Daiquiri Every Time With Almost Any Fruit!

Updated on May 10, 2015

Traditionally first: the Lime Exultation Daiquiri

Fresh fruit is key, Lime is no exception. The fruit you're using should smell like what it is, which means plump and juicy and ripe!

Depending on the size of your blender, which of course should be able to crush ice, you should be able to make a half a dozen or more delectable drinks at one time.

It is better if your ice is clear. If you're using ice from your freezer and there is a hint of onion you will not make a perfect potable.

I like cane sugar, but beet sugar will do in a pinch.

Let us begin; for each lime Daiquiri you wish to make you will need one L I ME. Let's start with six. Now this is important - you must first roll each lime to soften it and get its juices flowing.

Next, carefully peel each lime and remove all the seeds. You may use a talented assistant for this important task. Your main squeeze, so to speak.

You can save some of the curlicue lime pieces for garnish if you want but if you make this exactly right it will be pretty enough without.

Since you have an ice crushing blender, don't waste your time cutting up the limes Just toss them in and fill blender with ice, Let's go people are thirsty!

Okay were finally to the rum part. I will leave the discussion of all the complexities of varieties of that wonderful elixir for another page. I will say that 80 proof rum Is generally used only sometimes once in a while, less frequently for flavoring. Yet it is very useful, important, and downright tasty!

Almost all of your daiquiris will be made using 151 proof rum. You may ask why, I might even tell you..... Okay I'll tell you- not only should your daiquiris have bountiful flavor, joyous color, and potency, they must also have the perfect texture. That means it won't sit flat in the glass. It will look like a tiny, beautiful, colored snowdrift that will awe whoever is fortunate enough to receive one of your creations. That requires a rum that doesn't water down your drink.

Four in three shots at 151 uhh I mean pour and three heaping tablespoons of sugar. Sugar, of course, is to taste. Your lime daiquiri should be tart and just a little sweet. Next blend like mad until you take a small spoonful out it will stand up on the spoon.

Warning! Warning! If you get the dreaded blender lock, your daiquiri is doing diddley, you may use the blender plunger. If even that does not work add a shot of a nice dark rum but hurry, remember people are thirsty.

By now your daiquiri should be sublime green and ready to be served. Congratulations.

Behold the Lime.

The Lime. Birdseye/flame maple cutting board courtesy of my loving wife.
The Lime. Birdseye/flame maple cutting board courtesy of my loving wife.

Perfect Start!

Tropical Treasure
Tropical Treasure

Strawberry/Mango Daiquiri

Presumably, your guests are now amazed and are craving for more. Hopefully, before your guests arrived, you've prepared some of your fruits and danced, I mean in advance. Mangoes being messy, should be prepared ahead of time Their tropical flavor is so good!

I have to say that it is possible to make 7 million different kinds of daiquiris. You may make a strawberry/mango daiquiri or even make a mango/strawberry daiquiri. It all depends on which fruit you wish to be predominate, and of course each of the recipes may be altered by adding a drop or two of a special rum from a particular island or province, or backyard still.

I have made several daiquiris with as many as seven different fruits. However, I find that up to five is enough to pleasure the pallet and easier to name.

Okay, add 1 and a half cups of strawberries and 1 and a half cups of mango to your blender, which you could have, but didn't have to rinse after making your lime exultation daiquiri.

Had two shots of 151. No, no add two shots of 151 and fill the rest of your blender with ice.

Blend blend blend. Good. The color will be as startling as a crimson tropical sunset.

Go ahead serve it! Your guests should be ooing and ahing the color anxious for a taste.

Very ripe Honduras Bananas & Florida strawberries
Very ripe Honduras Bananas & Florida strawberries | Source

Berries are beautiful! The Very Berry Daiquiri

This daiquiri is guaranteed to wow because of the intense flavor, color, and hidden potency.

For a daiquiri party you need lots of fruit, especially an abundance of strawberries. Six or seven fruits is a good minimum. Raspberries and blueberries, when you can get them, would be an amazing addition to your fruit repertoire.

Put into your blender about three quarters of a cup of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Fill the rest of the blender with ice and two shots of 151 and one shot of a nice Barbados rum.

By now your guest will be intrigued by your hidden talents and, if you treated them well serving them some tasty, spicy tidbits they will again be thirsty.

Make sure the music is lively!

Pure Blueberry

If you have an abundance of Blueberries.... This will knock their socks off !! (Unless of course they're wearing sandals).

The Blueberry daiquiri cannot wait to be consumed or it will start to separate. I would suggest smaller servings of this intense daiquiri.

At my parties not everyone gets to try every single daiquiri, besides, you can keep the conversation going and leave them wanting more.

So a pint or two Blueberries, well rinsed into the blender three quarters as much ice and two or three shots of 151. Blend, blend, blend, blend, and then taste. Sometimes different daiquiris require a little bit of sugar . (That sugar could be in the form of a nice Jamaican rum).

Encourage the lucky few, you serve this to, especially blueberry lovers, do not wait to drink it.

Much of the time. my guests just can't wait to be served and hold onto their glass however I still clean them from time to time, uh the glasses I mean.

Peaches and Nectarines

Did you know that peaches and nectarines are genetically identical. The only real difference is the fuzz.

As long as either one of them is really ripe, even a little overripe, and juicy and has a nice heady scent then it is daiquiri material In my kitchen i.e. my bar.

Many fruits blend well with peaches and nectarines, including strawberries, bananas, and cantaloupe.

Okay into the blender 2 peaches, a handful of strawberries, one banana, and a slice of cantaloupe. Your blender should be about half full of fruit, if not add more! Fill the rest of your blender with ice, add two shots of 151 and two shots of a nice dark rum - start blending.

This classic 4 fruit combination will have your guests wondering how could you top of this?

Peaches and Nectarines
Peaches and Nectarines

Let's go nuts!

Once in a blue moon (the second full moon in the same month), I like to use a little coconut In some of my more exotic creations. Naturally, the coconut should be fresh and not from a bag.

Okay, do you have any papaya? How about kiwi? Let's start with papaya, Lots of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. It's nice to have little tidbits of information for your guests so they won't get bored.

Great! Now into the blender - half a cup of papaya, 3 large strawberries, 1 1/2 bananas, a slice of cantaloupe, half a cup of pineapple and 1 teaspoon of fresh grated coconut. Add three shots of 151, and this is important, you must blend this concoction thoroughly. Don't forget the ice and by the way, If you're having trouble blending you may always add a little bit more of an 80 proof rum.

As always as you are blending if your daiquiri seems a little thin add just a little more fruit, no worries, relax, it's a party. Loosen up, have some fun! Act like you know what you're doing.

Do's and Don't of Daiquiris

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Sometimes one of my guests will suggest that I put more rum in my drinks, I usually take it under advisement. Every time a recipe calls for three shots of 151 proof rum I know that that it is sufficient. Yes, you should be able to taste the alcohol but that is not the main purpose of your delectable drinks.

It is so easy to drink these frosty beverages, have a great time and not realize how subtly potent they truly can be. Just make sure there is a designated driver for everyone and be safe.

Don't let underage drinkers or children sample a daiquiri. For your designated drivers, children, and if you're fortunate enough to have a mother-to-be at your party, substitute 100% fruit juices for the Rum. I like to call these nonalcoholic daiquiris- baby Daiqs. Do use a straw for these drinks so mix-ups are less possible.

Not all fruits are compatible. Not all fruits can be made into a daiquiris. (Sorry).

I Do like melons, but since cantaloupe has such a distinctive and powerful flavor I don't usually use honeydews.

I do like to experiment, but I don't think I would try blueberries and bananas. I'm not sure why, but I generally don't use lemons. I prefer limes.

Grapefruit? Oranges? I will sometimes use orange juice instead of another shot of rum to relieve the dreaded blender lock (brain freeze for a blender), The grapefruit doesn't appeal to me.

Kiwi to me is like a green strawberry. If you add some to any of your delightful concoctions you should know two things: First, the color of your drink will not be as appealing as others and second you must blend anything with a Kiwi in the mix for much longer, or you have a gritty taste due to the large number of tiny seeds.

151 proof rum is highly flammable. Don't forget this.


Lots of vitamins and potassium in this little baby.
Lots of vitamins and potassium in this little baby.

Kiwi or Kiwifruit

Eat everything but the fuzzy thin skin.
Eat everything but the fuzzy thin skin.

My Most Amazing Daiquiri

So many terrific combinations of flavors, fruits, rums, color and more so, you might ask - Can you top this?

The truth is I've made so many and are all so tasty that I've even forgotten a few recipes. Including one that tasted, smelled and looked like Concord grapes yet has no grapes in it! Someday I will re-create that.

This particular daiquiri has an ingredient loved by Most of the world. Perhaps you're not really ready for something so wonderful. I think I will need to be encouraged to tell you what it is.

A well-kept secret daiquiri

Would you like to know what the secret ingredient is and how to make this daiquiri?

See results

Fruit List and Compatibility Chart (14 most used)

Best with
Everything else
Peach or Strawberry
Bananas & Strawberries
Mango & Banana
Banana & Cantaloupe
Strawberries & Peach
Peach & Strawberries
Banana & Papaya
Strawberries & Raspberries
Peach & Strawberry
Pineapple & Peach
Strawberry & Pineapple
Strawberries and Blueberries
Mango & Banana
Peach & Pineapple
Mango & Strawberry
Nectarines & Bananas
Strawberry & Cantaloupe
Mango & Raspberry
Pineapple & Nectarine
This table only shows a few suggestions of combinations of one two or three fruits. Up to five works really well & don't forget hints of Coconut.

The Pear Daiquiri

Did you know that Pears don't ripen on a tree? When you go fruit shopping don't overlook the pear. Your, of course, should have gone for Fruit shopping a couple of days in advance of your party and the Pears could be a little bit hard yet usable if left out to ripen.

And by the way overripe fruit is usually okay for daiquiri, just not spoiled.

The delicate balance between the fruit, the rum, and the ice is especially difficult with this daiquiri. The ice and the rum must be added a little at a time. To achieve the perfect smoothness, texture, flavor and rum alcohol content requires your full attention. So don't try to do this during the fourth quarter of the big game or when someone very attractive walks by.

Put in your blender 4 ripe pears, one cup of ice, one shot at 151 and one shot of a nice dark rum. Blend well, until you achieved a frothy snow that may have a light mist of cold hanging over it. If necessary, slowly add more ice or more of the 151.

It is the most decent thing you can do to a Pear.

Serve this to your honored guests.

A Beautiful Pear


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    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 

      3 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Now these are my kind of cocktails. Boozy and full of fruit goodness. Great hub (although I feel it could do with a separate list of ingredients for each recipe for reader ease in a separate box). CF


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