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Solution to Not Crying When Peeling Onions

Updated on January 25, 2012

Preparing Onions For Cutting

For centuries we have dealt with the question, "How do you cut an onion without crying?" A lot of people claim to have solutions to this predicament, but most do not end up working. Some even believe that using a specific type of knife is the answer.

What you do is put your onion(s) in the freezer for about 10 minutes, that is it ! What this does is slows down the enzymes that make the eye tear that are in the onion.

This will not effect the flavor or juiciness of the onion itself. It also is not enough time to freeze it, so don't worry about your onion freezing. After take out the onion, just cut/prepare for whatever dish you normally would.

Other Ways to Stop Crying While Cutting Onions

Some other ideas to help stop crying while cutting an onion are as followed:

* Running water while cutting an onion, this is said to help minimize the acid stored within the onion.

* Putting a mask over your nose and mouth is said to help because you cannot then inhale the enzymes that are released when you cut into the onion.

* Lighting a flame, whether match, lighter, candle, this can help draw away and burn the onion enzymes.


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    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 6 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      This sounds like an excellent solution to a long term problem, Deborah. Do you know what I have found works for me, however, and this comes from an old wives' tale? Breathing through only my mouth and at no time my nose. Supposed to be it is the sensitive lining in the nasal passages which causes the tears. I'm no expert but it honestly works for me! :)