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How to Order the Perfect Americano at Starbucks

Updated on February 8, 2015

A Starbucks coffee is a simple pleasure I have enjoyed over and over again. Love or hate Starbucks, millions of people all over the globe ordering daily double decaf lattes have kept the Seattle business thriving. For some reason, I have been hooked on the venti Americano with whipped cream. It provides warmth, a jolt of caffeine, and a bit of sweet creamy flavor. But Starbucks likes to serve coffee hot -- very hot. My tongue burns easily and many times I would take that first sip, sear the tip of my tongue and the rest of my experience would be tasteless and painful. Not a very enjoyable cup of coffee. Why didn't I learn after the first time and simply wait for a bit of cooling before sipping subsequent cups? Who knows... Sometimes it's just hard to guess that temperature before it reaches the tongue.

Eventually I had the brilliant idea of simply asking for small a cup of ice water each time. Since adding whipped cream usually leaves a bit of room at the top (after the cream melts) there is always room to add a dash of cold water to cool the cup down to a reasonable level. I can add more water after I take the first few sips. Usually the coffee is hot enough that, even after adding about half of the small cup of ice water, the coffee is still at a comfortable temperature. With this method, I don't have to ask the barista to guess the temperature, and the extra water adds about 50% to my drink without any additional charge.

A perfect Americano -- every time!



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