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How to Use Your Mandoline Slicer for Food Presentation

Updated on December 3, 2014

Prepare creative dishes to entertain.


Why Creative Food

If you've ever wanted to present the perfect dinner for your guests, then a mandoline slicer can help with that. This durable kitchen tool can turn your vegetables, fruits, and cheeses into a visually appealing arrangement of edible fare. Most mandoline slicers are manually operated, meaning you push the handle that holds the food to slice it. They typically come with approximately four stainless steel blades that can be changed depending on the cut-type you desire.

What is a mandoline slicer?

A mandoline slicer can include different cutting selections such as straight cut, crinkle or waffle cuts, and, thin or thick julienne cuts. Below are many suggestions for using your vegetable slicer, but once you get started you'll find the creations are limitless.

How to use your mandoline slicer.

Count the ways to use your mandoline slicer? Hint, hint, they're endless.

From snacks to deserts, a mandoline slicer will add a visual appeal to everything you make.

Snack on some freshly made kettle chips, thanks to the mandoline slicer.


Appetizers and Snacks

  • Use the slicer to prepare an assortment of hard vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and rutabaga using the waffle and julienne cuts for a variety of colors and shapes.
  • Slice hard meats, such as pepperoni or salami, and cheeses of different colors using the straight and julienne blades for a selection of tasty, nutritious snacks.

Soups and Entrees

  • Make the soup using an interesting combination of vegetables with cuts of varying types.
  • You can use your mandoline slicer to julienne cut the carrots and crinkle cut the potatoes used in a cream based soup.


  • Straight cut lemons to place on top of fish or chicken.
  • Try the waffle cut setting on carrots and use to edge the meat on the platter alternating between watercress or grape cluster for added color.
  • Place twisted green and yellow zucchini ribbons on top of meatloaf or roast for added appeal. Slightly blanch or sauté in oil will make them more pliable.


  • Use zucchini noodles to replace bread and top with your favorite sandwich spread.
  • Add some pizzazz to hard vegetables by cutting them into ribbons before sautéing in garlic butter.
  • Of course, don't forget the slicer can cut French fries, typically a favorite for many families.

Make a side of French fries and other sliced vegetables for your entrée.



  • Just like lemons, oranges appear as a perfect circle of triangles when you use the thin straight cut setting on the mandoline slicer.
  • The slices can be arranged on top of cakes, puddings, or cheese cakes.
  • For an interesting addition to your fruit tray use the crinkle cut on apples after removing the center core.
  • Other fruits that work well for slicing are pears, kiwi, and melon.
  • The variety and color along with the interesting shapes are an attractive food presentation.

Safety First

The blades are extremely sharp, so safety is a primary consideration. If a cut-resistant safety glove for you to wear while using the slicer doesn't come with your model, then one can be purchased separately. After the food preparation is completed safely store your mandoline slicer. Most have a safety cover that fits over the blade. Or, it can be placed back in the box it came in for safe storage. Carefully set in and remove from the dishwasher, until the next time, when you once again dazzle your guests with your creative food presentation.

Comparison of Popular Mandonline Slicers

(click column header to sort results)
Cuisinart® Mandoline Slicer
Calphalon® Precision Mandoline Slicer
OXO Good Grips® Chef's Mandoline Slicer
BergHOFF® Mandoline Slicer

Tips for Using Your Mandoline Slicer

  1. Before taking on an actual cooking project, experiment a little with a variety of vegetables to test the slicer and your skill level.
  2. Try a little vegetable oil to make the slicing go smoother.
  3. When preparing the desired recipe, have a few extra food items required for the recipe on hand in case a mistake is made. That way you won't have to run out at the last minute before our guests arrive to shop for replacements.
  4. Cut large food items into manageable sizes to fit in the mandoline slicer food holder.
  5. Collapse your slicer for convenient storage.


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