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How to Use Your Grill to Cook Food

Updated on June 20, 2012

Outdoor cooking does require some basic knowledge. Grilling your food, when done correctly, produces very delicious food. Sure, you could ignore the following tips and advice and may end up with perfectly yummy food or not. But many of the "grilling pros" make the following suggestions to ensure it:

  • When grilling shellfish, ask the consumers if any are allergic to them and keep cross contamination to a minimum when other foods are grilled simultaneously.
  • Always use a tong to handle meat on the grill. Using a fork punctures the meat allowing juices to escape. You want the juices to flavor the meat.
  • Before grilling, start with a clean grill and well oiled surface. Do this by soaking an old towel in vegetable oil with tongs and drag it across the grill. Food will grill and taste better!
  • After the meat is cooked, before slicing, allow the food to sit idle. Why? When you begin to slice the meat, you will avoid losing the natural juices and flavors. Allowing it to sit for a minute or so, cools the meat containing the juices.
  • When cooking fish or meat, make sure the meat sears so that the flesh can pull back without sticking. This is particularly true with fish where the scaly skin must be removed. Searing is created when the grill is already hot and the food is placed on it sizzling it.
  • Always keep a hot and cool side on the grill. This might prove to be difficult, but at least make one side cooler. The hot side side is for cooking and the cooler side for allowing the food to cool off after cooking for a minute or so.
  • Apply a light dash of spices and BBQ sauce near the end of the grilling session to avoid it be burned on the hot surface. Burnt BBQ sauce is not that tasty.

Knowing the above will produce great food, guaranteed.


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