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How to make a traditional Captain and coke also with a twist.

Updated on August 3, 2012
4.8 stars from 4 ratings of Captain and Coke

Rum and coke is a very popular drink by the younger generation of college kids, and bar goers. Depending on the age of the recipients of the drink some will use different types of rum. But Captain Morgan is arguably the most popular rum for the younger generation. With its spiced rum which features a very distinct taste Captain Morgan has been able to flourish at many bars around the world due to its ability to please the customer. Below I will Show you the classic rum and coke recipe which uses Captain Morgan, but will also add a few twists after, that you can experiment with. By this I am referencing the Captain Morgan Tattoo rum that you can exchange for the original or tradition Captain Morgan. So now lets get to that popular classic recipe.


  • 1.5 ounces Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • 6 ounces Coca Cola
  • 1 piece Lime Wedge, Can either be squirt of lime juice, or wedge, but will give that traditional taste
  • Half-full glass Ice, Preferably cubes to keep the drink cold.
  1. First you want to choose your glass. Depending on the situation whether it be a highball glass, red solo cup, Tom Collins glass, or just a standard 8 ounce cup, the directions are typically the same. First put the cup down with your desired amount of ice.
  2. After adding ice, you will want to add about 1.5 ounces of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum to your cup.
  3. Next add your cola. (Typically Coca Cola is used when preparing a Captain and Cola (Coke) because of the original classic taste, and using any other type of Cola can usually distinguish a true difference in taste) When adding Coke, you should add about 6 ounces to your already 1.5 ounces of Captain Morgan.
  4. Keep in mind that when measuring if you are doing a bigger glass, that you should add about .5 ounces of Captain Morgan to every 2 ounces of Coke. By doing so this will give you that traditional flavor that you seek out when going to a restaurant, or bar.
  5. You may choose to add more Captain instead of Coke if trying to make the drink slightly more stiff ( A term used to represent a drink that will have a higher alcohol content than the standard equivalent drink). If so, try not to add more than 3 ounces of captain to you 9 ounce drink or in the end you will taste significantly more captain than the soda you add.
  6. To Finish the Drink off after preparation you should add a lime Wedge to the drink to top it off. Some add lime juice to a Captain and Coke, OR squeeze the lime in, but if anything drop the lime in the drink and let it take a natural course. If you are really looking for the lime flavor then buy Captain Morgan Lime Bite as that will give you that taste you are looking for.
  7. Now for some twist. If you would like to try something different you can try Captain Morgan’s Tattoo Rum. This drink will give you a completely different exotic flavor while holding a traditional Captain Morgan Spice. The flavor of the drink will add a much sweeter flavor and personally to me it seems to give a vanilla kick to the drink. So if you would like to try something new try the Tattoo and Coke.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 4 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Yah depending on the day I tend to change the recipe a bit, but a double always does the trick..

    • profile image

      CapNCoke 4 years ago

      12oz Coke with 4 Oz Cap. Great. Basically a double. I usually need it.

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      That does sound good, Ill have to try one tonight, and let you know what I think.

    • Lawrence Da-vid profile image

      Lawrence Da-vid 5 years ago

      I enjoy cold captain Morgan spiced and pineapple juice.