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How to make your baby eat

Updated on July 31, 2013

Having a baby is a huge responsibility, no matter how much you plan or prepare. Expecting the unexpected is of course not easy, and there is no time like mealtime to make every parent throw up their arms in surrender. Babies are exploring a number of new sensations at every phase, and eating offers them an incredible opportunity to expand their forte. Therefore, it is important to treat mealtimes this way than as a tiresome chore with an end target.

Many parents have had problems with making their little one eat. From being easily distracted to finding it difficult to make their baby stop spitting up the problems are long and endless. There are different reasons why this happens. Knowing the reason will make it easier to work out how to make your baby eat right.

Many parents end up stuck with a shortage of recipes or don't follow many variations in taste. Much like we get bored of the same kind of food, babies do too. Allow them some other tastes or try and add some new flavours to their food. From 9 months onwards you can experiment with a lot of different textures at well to make their meal more interesting to them.

Spitting up happens for different reasons. At times it could be a need for attention, however, it is not always the case. They may not like a certain taste or flavour, or your baby just may not be hungry. In that case rather than give attention to the negative behaviour, stop and then try again later.

Another reason why your baby is not eating well could be from teething pains. Make sure you try to offer him or her food by distracting them with a favourite or novel toy to make them forget they are eating. Enjoyable meal times make for a happy parent and baby.


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