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Recipes: How to roast a whole chicken in a pressure cooker

Updated on September 3, 2012

Roast a whole chicken in 20 minutes

Pressure cookers can cook meat at incredible speeds. While there are those who think that chicken cooked in a pressure cooker has a grainy texture, the meat is indisputably moist. And the convenience of cooking a whole chicken in twenty minute can't be beat.

Prepare the Chicken

Before cooking the chicken it is a good idea to season the outside with salt and pepper. There are many ways of enhancing the flavor of a whole chicken. Some place cloves of garlic under the skin. Some like to halve a lemon and place it in the cavity. Do what sounds good to you.

Pre heat your pressure cooker to get the water near boiling.

Cooking the Chicken

Place the chicken in the pressure cooker and lock the lid. Let the cooker come up to pressure and let cook for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the cooker slowly cool down. Once the cooker unlocks, remove the lid and check your chicken for doneness with thermometer. Carefully remove the chicken. 

Crisping the skin

One of the common complaints about chicken cooked this way is that it lacks the crust of an oven roasted chicken. You can either scrap the skin altogether or you can finish the chicken under the broiler. Rub some herbed butter on the outside of the chicken and put under a low broiler until the skin begins to crisp.

Make Mashed Potatoes in Your Pressure Cooker

Nothing goes with chicken as well as mashed potatoes.

Place washed potatoes in a metal bowl and place them in the pressure cooker with your chicken. At the end of the 20 minutes, the potatoes will be fully cooked and ready for mashing.

Mix the potatoes with milk and butter, mash them together and enjoy.


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