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How to Eat Crabs

Updated on May 25, 2011

Learn how to eat crabs.

Eating crabs can be fun, delicious and messy. Different types of crabs require different eating styles and techniques to best enjoy them. Jump in with both hands and experience some of the most flavorful seafood you have ever eaten.

1. On the bottom of the crab, pull up on the apron and break it off.

2. With both hands, pull the crab body and top shell apart.

3. Break off the two claws at the body knuckle.

4. Crack the claw shell with a mallet or a shell cracker and pull the meat out from the claw shell.

5. Remove the smaller legs on each side of the body by breaking or cutting with a knife. Some meat will be at the end of the joints.

6. When the body of the crab is exposed, remove the yellowish mustard like substance in the center, then scrape off the gills and the fat.

7. Break the cleaned part of the body in half to expose the delicious crabmeat and then continue to break and expose the crab body chambers which contain solid white crab meat.


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