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How to Make Tortilla Rollups

Updated on September 27, 2008

I always keep flour tortillas on hand in my kitchen. There are many different things you can do with tortillas. They are a great lower calorie option to bread, and also tend to have a longer shelf life.

I usually keep tortillas in the break room at my office most of the time, because they are a great option for making wrap sandwiches on busy days when I just don't have time to leave the office at lunch time. I also make quesadillas for dinner quite often. However, my favorite thing to make with tortillas is to create tortilla rollups.

What is a Tortilla Rollup?

A tortilla rollup is, simply a tortilla with filling that is rolled up. To make a tortilla rollup, simply lay a tortilla on a flat surface, spread with the filling of your choice, and roll it up tightly in the style of a jelly roll. You can then slice the roll into bite size pieces. These tasty treats are great for appetizers or a light meal.

Tortilla Rollup Fillings

I like to use low fat cream cheese as the base for my tortilla rollup fillings. I simply soften a block of cream cheese and then stir in some of my favorite ingredients. Here are some of my favorite cream cheese stir-ins for tortilla rollup fillings:

  • Knorr or Lipton Vegetable Soup Mix
  • Tastefully Simple Onion Onion

  • Canned salmon, ketchup, and horseradish

Get creative with tortilla rollups. Any type of cream cheese based dip works well with this dish. Sour cream and mayonnaise based dips can also be used to create tasty tortilla rollups. For other great tortilla rollup receipes, see


You can also add thinly sliced deli meat, such as ham or turkey, to your tortilla rollups, assuming they don't already contain some type of meat. (I don't think the ham or turkey would be appropriate for the salmon filling described above.) After spreading the filling on the tortilla, simply cover with a thin layer of meat before rolling up.

Preparation Tip

Deciding the best amount of filling to use is really a matter of preference. I recommend starting with a thin layer of filling, and then gradually increasing with subsequent batches if you find you want more flavor. If you use too much filling, you will find yourself with a big mess on your hands, because it the cream cheese will ooze out of the sides. The rollups will still taste great, but will look kind of yucky and be very sticky.

Many people find the rollups to be easier to slice if they refrigerate the rolls for a few hours before slicing. I'm actually too impatient to use this technique, but you might find it helpful.


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  • profile image

    Canadian Mom 6 years ago

    1. Cook Chicken stripes as directed,

    2. Make favorite salad, ie. Cesar or Veggie with Ranch

    3. put salad and hot chicken in the middle of torilla and fold bottom up first, then left side then right side and enjoy!

  • DonnaCSmith profile image

    Donna Campbell Smith 9 years ago from Central North Carolina

    Thanks! I was looking for a easy, tasty snack for a meeting. This fits the bill.

  • mgwhite profile image

    Mary White 10 years ago from Mobile, AL

    Hi Ruth - Yes, these can be frozen for later use. I have done that several times. Just make sure to store them in an airtight container.


  • profile image

    ruth 10 years ago

    I was wondering IF these could be frozen and used later?