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Huevos Rancheros, a Classic Mexican Dish

Updated on July 27, 2020
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Huevos rancheros, an enhanced tortilla

Huevos rancheros is a Mexican dish well known at home and abroad. The expression is clearly Spanish, and means "breeding eggs". It is not known where this particular name comes from, but certainly eggs have something to do with it since they are among the main ingredients of this dish. Mexican cuisine amazes with the fantasy and creativity of the filling of its tortillas, but in this case the peak has been reached. In addition to eggs, the presence of corn, pepper, onion and tomato is appreciated. In addition, there is a second variant that is made with cheese (I will also talk about this in the "preparation" section).

Certainly, the imagination is stimulated by the versatility of the tortillas, which perhaps represent the best companion food, like bread and piadina. They are made with cornflour and take on the appearance of a low, unleavened bread similar to piadina. It is an extraordinary food, both for nutritional characteristics and for versatility, it is in fact moderately elastic, therefore it can give rise to many preparations. Among other things, it does not contain gluten (corn is free of it), therefore it can be consumed without problems by those intolerant to this substance and by celiacs. As for the calorie intake, we are on levels lower than bread or cereal products: 100 grams of tortillas, in fact, contain 220 kcal.

The benefits of bell pepper and its nutritional properties

One of the main ingredients of the huevos rancheros is peppers. A food now anchored in the Mediterranean tradition, even if it is actually originally from Latin America. Therefore, it is also a full part of Mexican gastronomy. Its use, in this case, is quite simple: it must be peeled, diced and cooked in a pan together with the other ingredients.

Bell pepper is good food, but also nutritious and healthy. Despite what is believed, it is not heavy, especially if it is peeled before cooking. Its nutritional characteristics are more than appreciable, for example, they contain very high quantities of vitamin C, higher than in citrus fruits. In addition, they are an excellent source of mineral salts and in particular of iron, phosphorus and calcium. Excellent is also the amount of fibre and antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and prevent tumours and heart diseases.

Corn, an underrated but rich in protein food

Corn is another ingredient that is now part of the Italian tradition, but which, as everyone knows, is native to Latin America. It is a precious and complete food, capable of giving much to the body. The treatment that is reserved for him for the huevos rancheros recipe is very simple: it is cooked in a pan together with the other ingredients in order to form a well-mixed filling for the tortillas. As I have already specified, when I talked about its flour, corn is a food suitable for diets that celiac and gluten intolerant must follow.

Here is the recipe of the Huevos Rancheros: Ingredients:

  • 4 tortillas allowed;
  • 2 peppers;
  • 150 g steamed corn;
  • 8 eggs;
  • 3 juicy peeled tomatoes;
  • q. b. of extra virgin olive oil;
  • 1 red onion;
  • q. b. of salt;
  • q. b. pepper;
  • cheese to melt for the second variant.

But the merits of corn do not end there. First of all, while guaranteeing an intake of exceptional carbohydrates (75%), it also contains many proteins. Secondly, it is rich in mineral salts such as potassium, calcium and above all phosphorus. It has a low glycemic index (which represents excellent news for celiacs) and contributes to lowering bad cholesterol. Corn is also very digestible, so it can be consumed at all ages, it is indeed a good food with which to bring children to weaning.

Season with salt and pepper and cook for about 20-25 minutes. In another pan, heat 4 tablespoons of oil, break the eggs and fry them for a few minutes without beating, then season with salt and pepper. Now take the tortillas, put them on a flat plate, spread 4 spoonfuls of seasoning and put two eggs on top. Alternatively, place the tortillas on a hot pan (without adding fat), pour over them the tomato and pepper sauce you made, the fried egg and the cheese (any cheese is fine). Apply the lid and cook over low heat for one minute so that the cheese melts. Serve and enjoy!

Note for celiacs or gluten-sensitive

Always check that the ingredients you use for the preparation of your recipes are suitable for coeliacs and people sensitive to gluten. Check the barred ear, the presence on the Association of European Coeliac Societies (AOECS) or the indications on the manufacturer's label.


To prepare the huevos rancheros, start by heating the tortillas in a non-stick pan for a couple of minutes on each side, then place them on a plate. With a sharp knife, clean the onion thoroughly and, removing the outer wrapping, slice it into very thin strips. Now wash the peppers well, remove the peel and cut them into cubes, then cut the peeled tomatoes into small pieces. Meanwhile, heat the corn (for a few minutes). Then take a non-stick pan and heat the extra virgin olive oil, then put the onion and fry it. Then add the peppers in order, then the chopped tomatoes and finally the heated corn.

Note for lactose intolerant

From the ministerial note: The word "delactosate" has been eliminated, as previously associated with the word "dietetic". The term lactose-free may be used instead for dairy products and for milk with a lactose content of less than 0.1 g per 100 g or ml

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