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Indianapolis Lunch Deals

Updated on December 24, 2015
If you dine at the Oaken Barrel in Greenwood, be sure to get a rewards card.
If you dine at the Oaken Barrel in Greenwood, be sure to get a rewards card. | Source

This article is about good lunch deals in the Indianapolis area. I live on the south side, so It will somewhat focus on this side of town. Those of us who eat out for lunch, whether it is every day or just occasionally, know that the cost adds up quickly. In today's economy you want to save a few bucks wherever you can. If you know of any good lunch deals that aren't listed here, please send the details to me.

Lunch Specials

A number of restaurants have lunch specials. The Slippery Noodle Inn, located downtown, is best know for its blues music and being Indiana's oldest bar, It also has daily lunch specials. Another place with good lunch deals is Culver's. With their SnackPak Meals you can get one of their ButterBurgers plus small french fries and a small drink (with unlimited refills) for less than five dollars. I have noticed that at many fast food places the value meal prices seem to be creeping upward. Culver's has been holding the line. Fazoli's has a $5 lunch special, that allows you to pick two of seven items (I usually go for lasagna and ravioli), plus a drink and breadsticks.

The Slippery Noodle Inn opened in 1850 & is the state's oldest bar
The Slippery Noodle Inn opened in 1850 & is the state's oldest bar | Source

Online Clubs

Many restaurants have online clubs. Often they give you an incentive to join. At Culver's you can get a free ButterBurger basket just by signing up for their eClub. They will also email you coupons throughout the year. Many also give additional freebies for your birthday. Here are a few that you might want to take a look at:

Rewards Cards

Some places have rewards cards where you earn points good towards future purchases when you visit & show your rewards card. Smokey Bones has a rewards card that gives you a point for each dollar you spend. When you reach 200 points you get a $20 credit. Oaken Barrel gives you a point each time you visit. When you reach 5 points they give you a $5 credit. Qdoba also has a rewards card.

Online Coupons

There are several places online where you can print out coupons. One you should definitely check out is They have a lot of restaurant coupons, mostly local places, not the big chains. They have an excellent coupon for China Buffet at 5202 East Thompson Road. For $5.85 you get a great lunch buffet, including your drink. It's a tough deal to beat.

Another good source is PinPoint Perks. They have a search feature, but I recommend browsing through the categories. Be sure to check all relevant categories (Fast food, Casual dining, Mexican and Pizza). You might find something close by that you didn't even know existed. I have run across several places on the south side that I need to try:

Some fast food places have coupons online, including Long John Silvers and Arby's. For some reason, when you click on the "Click here to print coupons only" for the Arby's site it doesn't work. Just print out the main page instead.

The buffet of China Buffet at 5202 East Thompson Road
The buffet of China Buffet at 5202 East Thompson Road | Source


I don't get the Indianapolis Star anymore, because it had become so thin there wasn't much left that I wanted to read. Still, they do have a few coupons in there. I get some coupons through the snail mail, notably Arby's. There's also an envelope full of coupons that comes in the mail called Valpak. You can also find those online at It seems like a lot of Mexican, Indian and pizza places advertise there.


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