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Inside Out Cake & Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Updated on December 14, 2015

Don Your Cake with Joy

Get Creative With Inside Out Cake Decorating

Anyone can make an amazing Inside Out cake. You do not need to be a master chef to accomplish a cute cake for your child's birthday. There are so many different ways to decorate you cake that require minimal or no effort.

Does your child have a favorite character from the Disney film? Anger, Sadness, Fear, Joy and Disgust can easily be represented through different colors. If Anger's you little one's favorite emotion that why not simply use red icing to cover the cake. To make it even more theme related why not add a small Anger toy to the center of the cake. Not quite decorative enough? Use some red candy orbs to give the cake a quick border around the top or the sides. This easy decorating idea will work for any of the emotions. Just pick your color to begin.

Do Not Let Your Cake Topper's Topple

Maybe you characters were not intended for the top of the cake but for child's play. Have no fear. Your little figures can become sturdy cake figures that will not topple. Just grab some wax paper and place a spoonful of your favorite melt chocolate in the center. Plop you character into the center and wait for it to harden.

When hardened remove for the wax paper and place a dab of icing on your cake where you want to place your Joy, Anger or Disgust. Sit you chocolate character on top of the icing to attach to the cake.

Best part of the process is that when your finished the cake you child can have the figure in which to play.

DIY Cupcake Topper

Making a topper for any themed cupcake it pretty simple; the Inside Out theme in no exception. Before you begin you will need some prebake and decorated cupcakes. Choose colors reflective of the main cast of characters.

For the DIY Cupcake Topper you will need some card stock, stickers or a printed image, some tooth pics or candy sticks. A glue gun will also be needed to finish this task effectively.

First take your Inside Out sticker and place it on to cardboard. Cut out around the image but leave a little space to give the topper a nice boarder. Take your glue gun and dab some glue on the back of the cardstock and attach your stick.

Be careful not to place the stick to far into the cupcake that the topper and adhesive used to make the topper come in contact with the icing.

Easy Step for Beginners

If you want a more professional looking cake. All you need to do is build your basic iced cake or if you prefer pick one up at the local bakery. Print out an image you like on edible paper and apply it to the top of the cake. If you do not have access to an edible printer you can easily purchase a prepackaged edible sheet with a cute Inside Out cake design. Just peel back your the image of the paper and place it on the cake. It should dissolve seamlessly into the cake.

Gumball Inside Out Cake

Cake Ideas for Serious Bakers

My Cupcake Addiction has created this visual pleasing Inside Out cake using a rainbow of colors. This cake features a multilayer and multicolor design. Each color selected in used to reference the film's main character emotions: Red for Anger, Green for Disgust, Yellow for Joy, Purple for Fear.

The icing has been sectioned off into 5 colors using a paper template. To further support the presence of each character test tubes filled with "memory" orbs are used. The top color represents the color of each section.

The "memory" orbs reflect the main theme of Inside Out and is a great added decoration.

Pinata Cake
Pinata Cake

Add Some Magic on the Inside

Why not add a little fun on the inside of your cake? Why not make a Piñata Cake?

A piñata cake is a cake that when it's sliced candy falls out it.

To make your Inside Out cake have a piñata effect you will need to do a couple of simple things. Take a circle cookie cutter and core out the center of your cake. Fill the inside with your favorite colored candy.

Perhaps M&M's or gumballs. The surprise is revealed when you cut into the cake.


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