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Instant Coffee in a Sachet, affordable and convenient without compromising the taste.

Updated on August 22, 2016
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Maria Cecilia believes that writing is a pleasure and at the same time a challenge to her flexibility.

I love Coffee, Keep it flowing

I love coffee it keeps me feeling perky and I love the feeling of drinking it after everymeal... I love to have it around when I am in my momentum writing my piece and most of all I love it when I just want to relax and enjoy the night watching my favorite film.

Coffee evolved through the years... Brewed coffee became a trend, that coffee shops started to appear everywhere.

When I was young, my auntie's coffee was the one they boiled in the stainless tall kettle pot ( I am not sure if that style of kettle still exist), the coffee was wrapped inside a cloth, soak in the kettle with water and they will just boil it. Cream was not yet popular then as coffe companion but mom and aunties used milk.

One of my cousins like that coffee a lot and even asked his mother to make one similar to what our auntie was making. Our older cousins told him that the coffee was good because the cloth that they used for the coffee was the "used" socks of our uncle. So imagine how he said it to his mother, "Mommy, please make a coffee like what Aunt mele was making, the one they boiled using Tito Ben's socks", hahahha

More Coffee Stories

My mom was a coffee drinker, the coffee then was either placed in a big jar or small glass with plastic cover that is reusable once the coffee had been consumed. The No. 1 Coffee then was Nescafe, followed by Blend 45... I didn't know what happened but Blend 45 just disappeared in the Market and it became Nescafe all the way for my mom. Then Father introduced to her the creamer, if my memory served me right, the brand name was N-Rich,not so sure if it is the same popular creamer by Nestle.

I first appreciate coffee in a sachet through my father. I am not sure if this is the first brand of coffee that introduced 3 in 1 Sugarfree and was my first favorite coffee, the maker was Great Taste.

Now in my adult years, Coffee in a sachet became a trend too, especially for people who are always rushing to go to work. Coffee in a sachet is really convenient, all you need is to have a cup of hot water, open the sachet, pour the content in hot water and stir.... no need to open 3 separate jars anymore.

Nescafe is still No. 1, but newcomers started to make wave by creating a new variety in coffee, in a sachet and yet has elegant taste that consumers will surely love


KOPIKO started as a coffee candy and later on produced their own coffee in a sachet, It did not make me interested, but when I saw this Kopiko Brown Coffee , I suddenly want to give it a try.. The packaging is great, giving me an impression of golden coffee... Kopiko Brown is also a 3 in 1 coffee but the difference is the sugar they used. Brown sugar is used instead of white. Although very new in the coffee making industry, they were the first to release brown coffee in the market, and coffee lovers like it a lot, there were times when you can find it in the supermarkets because of the high demands from consumers . The taste is good, a combination of strong-bitter-sweet can use a a large mug because of its very strong but delicious flavor. A few months later, Nescafe released their version of Brown Coffee, though equally delicious, I can tell the flavor is not as strong as Kopiko. Later I realized Great Taste has their version of Brown Coffee too, but with too best brown coffee already, maybe you would still like to try the third one.


White Coffe is there such a thing?

When you hear White Coffee you will really wonder if it is really white. It is not literally white as compared to Brown or plain coffee, the color of this coffer is lighter because it has more cream, which makes the coffee smooth and creamy as written in the packaging. This is my favorite because I always love anything creamy. Great Taste Coffee Maker really scored on this one, coffee lovers like, this a lot. I should know because I always search this one in groceries and always out of stock. So once you see this available buy a dozen of sachet or more because it is easily consumed and you have no idea when they will have it available again...

Another Winner by KOPIKO

Kopiko did it again, this time with this new 3-1 called Kopiccino, but what made it extra special is the presence of small pack attached to the sachet which is called the choco granules. Kopiccino is like the cappuccino that we know but the addition of choco granules makes the taste more enticing.... Just add the granules to the diluted foamy coffee, and you'll experience a sophisticated taste of coffee in a cheaper price...

Back to Basic

I guess nothing beats the original

In every meeting or seminar, where the coffee is always expected to be overflowing, still the Nescafe 3 in 1 original is still the most recommended because Filipinos are mostly familiar with this coffee taste and brand. Nescafe also offers a lot of coffee varieties, like Nescafe Brown, Sweet n mild, and Strong and rich. they also offer coffee for the health conscious. Coffee adventurers will definitely enjoy the varieties at reasonable price.

More Coffe Varieties in a Sachet

San Mig Coffee sets a different coffee varieties

Whenever I chose this brand of coffee i go for the Sugar free, but what made this coffee brand different is the choices they prepared for the coffee lovers... Their coffee varieties are labelled as Original, Mild, Strong and Extra Strong. I always go for the sugarfree regardless of the coffee strength. I don't have the photo but I know San MIg also has Pro-Fiber coffee for the health conscious.

7 in 1 Coffee in a Sachet

JIMMS Coffee

JImms Coffee is always coffee for the health conscious... Aside from this 7 in 1 coffee, they also have the 5 in 1. For the curious I will mention here the 7 ingredients of this coffee: Coffee, sugar, cream, Agaricus Mushroom, Spirulina, Korean Ginseng, and Ganoderma... Wow everything to make a coffee powerful enough to strengthen a human.. amazing...


that a week is not enough to taste all of them unless you want to give it a try at your own risk... remember all that is taken beyond normal or in excess is not good enough for you.

Coffee Sachets in the Philippines, the lists are endless, but I started mine with my favorites and ended with the one that arouses my curiosity.

Indeed because of this coffee varieties in sachet, we can surely experience sophisticated coffee at a cheaper price.

© 2012 Maria Cecilia


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 2 years ago from Philippines

      hi Ms. CsMiravite thanks so much for visiting...hope to see more of your comments in my other hubs

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 2 years ago from Philippines

      I saw you in the forum about your missing profile pic, and I am sure that you are Pinay. Then, I saw this coffee hub, so I was right! All the instant coffees are here. However, this was written three years ago, so many other variations are not included. Like my favorite Koppicino by Kopiko with extra choco granule. Heheh! Knowing all these sachet packs would identify you as one of the locals! Onli in da Pilipins! :D

      P.S. Wait a minute, it's there on your list! So, you must have covered practically all of them! Interesting hub! :)