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It Could Be the Wheat You Eat

Updated on April 14, 2017
Vista15 profile image

I write about health, wellness and fitness. Emphasis on nutrition, exercise and non-use of prescription drugs. The goal is Optimum Health.


10 Years Later

Do you see what I see?

No, it's not Christmas.

You see 3 photos of the same girl.

Yes, it's me.

Yes, it's the same shirt.

Yes, I'm a pack rat.

It's with a little irony that this shirt showed up in all three pictures. And the only true explanation is... God works in mysterious ways.

Oh.. no, I meant I'm a pack rat.

I'm not real FOND of the second photo, but it needs to be shown. It shows that in 10 years I was markedly heavier. And frustrated as I got trying to diet, I litterally gave up any sort of diet.

But I did study nutrition and experimented with different ways of eating. I fell upon the Blood Type Diet, which is not a diet, but an eating regime, and you eat the foods that are beneficial to your blood type alone. There are 4 blood types: A, B, AB and O. I am type B. I didn't study the indepth design, but memorized the foods I should be eating, and those I should not. I have followed this for the past 2 1/2 years. I relegated my bathroom scale in the basement and could only tell my weight by the way my clothes fit.

But I did not follow it explicitly. Since it said the worst foods for me to eat were Chicken, Tomatoes and Corn, I wasn't too cautious when it said not to eat Wheat. And like Corn, Wheat is in everything!

I HAD lost a little weight over the time I'd followed the Blood Type Diet even if I was a little lax on complicity, but I didn't lose the Belly Fat. I'd been finding it called a 'different' kind of fat, and I could never remember what it was called.


Wheat Free for 5 Days

No, I didn't lose a zillion pounds in 5 days. I was sick in January, while God gave me the opportunity to experience Pneumonia. I lost a lot of weight then... If you are familiar with my Hub pages, I wrote one titled, Cure Pneumonia. Then about a week later, I fell to food poisoning, and probably lost a little more. ...ground if nothing else.

Okay, we are looking at March 13 now. I stumbled on the book Wheat Belly (Dr. William Davis M.D.) and ordered it reserved from my library. Well, 20 pages into it, I knew I was going 'wheat free', even though it was extremely hard reading because it was very scientifically explicit and what do I know about all those terms? I'm not a doctor! But I read between the lines enough to 'get it'!

That Belly Fat is called VISCERAL Fat.

This is a comment Dr. Davis made in a Wheat Free Recipie Book a man is writing:

"...understanding the changes that wheat has undergone is probably one of the most crucial aspects of gaining control over modern health and weight, more than colorie intake, more than exercise, certainly more than fat intake. I will go so far as to say that modern wheat is the most powerful disruptive factor in the health of modern humans than any other, nutritional or otherwise."

That's a powerful statement! But having read his book, I find myself believing it as much as I believed in Dr. F. Batmangelhidj's book, Your Body's Many Cries for Water. And if you haven't read that, you should.

Wheat Belly

I have found 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.' I didn't make this up. I've heard it for years. And over the years, books have showed up out of the blue that I needed.

This time, I have been asking God to show me how to get rid of the belly fat. I don't even know how I found this book, but I immediately looked it up in my library. It was there! I reserved it and there were something like 60 ahead of me. Well, there must have been a lot of copies, because it wasn't much over a week that I was notified it was ready to be picked up.

Reading it was difficult because of the scientific correctness the author exhibited. I skipped over a LOT of words... but I read between the lines enough to 'get it'.

I know I've already said that, but that's all I can say about reading this book. I immediately stopped eating ANY wheat even before I finished the book.

There are times you just KNOW this was information you were looking for, or needed even if you didn't know it.

The same thing happened when I found Dr. Atkin's Vita Nutrient Book.

I had been into nutrition, vitamins and supplements for many years, but this book gave me a reference to look to any time I was unsure of what my body needed.

It took THIS book to convince me I wasn't getting the hydration I needed. I always said, 'I drink coffee, pop, booze (if that was the case), I get all the fluids my body needs.' Dr. Batmanghelidj made me understand I was robbing myself with this attitude. Your body needs pure, clean, natural WATER. If you drink other beverages, you need to double up on your pure water, because these things actually cause dehydration.

AFTER I gave up all dieting (diet contains the word die), I was shown this book. It made sense that we are made up of different types and that foods could be beneficial... or POISON. For my Type B, those poisonous foods were Chicken, Tomatoes and Corn. I had already quit eating corn as a vegetable, but many of the other foods containing it was difficult to eliminate. It's in EVERYTHING! And I LIVED on Chicken... and how do you make a pizza without tomato sauce???

So, I still had the occasional pizza, and an occasional cookie, donut, etc... Well, there you have the wheat I was still consuming, even though it said I should avoid it.

It took the Wheat Belly book to make me stop!

And for my SPIRITUAL health, I adhere to Dr. Dyer's ideals. There is an hour and a half video on You Tube he does of the principals in this book. In trying to explain it to my daughter on the phone, trying to entice her to watch the video, I told her I had checked this book out of the library about 6 times. She sent it to me for my Birthday!

Each of these books are important in their own right, but the Wheat Belly book is universal. It tells how wheat has been altered over the years WITH the Blessings of the USDA and even an insistance that Whole Grains are better for you... Even Dr. Wayne Dyer is now expounding on the effects of going WHEAT FREE! Yes, he has read the Wheat Belly book and has gone wheat free, too.

We've all heard about Celiac disease, an extreme allergy to Wheat and Gluten affecting 1 % of the population, that can KILL. Well, guess what? We are ALL potential Celiacs!

Let me give you an excerpt from the book:

Like most children of my generation, born in the middle of the twentieth century and reared on Wonder Bread and Devil Dogs, I have a long and personal releationship with wheat. My sisters and I were veritable connoisseurs of breakfast cereal, making our own individual blends of Trix, Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops and eagerly drinking the sweet, pastel-hued milk that remained at the bottom of the bowl. The Great American Processed Food Experience didn't end with breakfast, of course For school lunch my mom usually packed peanut butter or bologna sandwiches, the prelude to cellophane-wrapped Ho Hos and Scooter Pies. Sometimes she would throw in a few Oreos or Vienna Fingers, too. For supper, we loved the TV dinners that came packaged in their own foil plates, allowing us to consume our battered chicken, corn muffin and apple brown betty while watching 'Get Smart'.

He went on to say he battled the 'bulge' for twenty years, himself. When he finally started studying the effects of wheat on the body, whether his own or yours, as an M.D., he started recommending wheat free to his obese/diabetic patients. Not sugar, but WHEAT caused their blood sugar to rise. One slice of bread can raise blood sugar more than a Snickers Bar.

In doing this, he found not only did his patients become non-diabetics, they lost a lot of weight... BUT he also found that acid reflux disappeared, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome were gone. Energy improved, rashes disappeared, arthritis pain improved or disappeared...and more. All from elimination of WHEAT!

Thankfully, I am not diabetic, but I do suffer from this horrible belly fat. My arms aren't fat. My legs aren't fat. Just this stupid belly. It's my belief I have finally found the answer.

We hear a lot about genetically altered foods and what to avoid, etc., today... but WHEAT has been altered 50 YEARS AGO. And THAT is what has caused the obesity today. AND most of the diseases we battle. If that's your battle, go wheat free!

Tiana Dreymor

Interview with Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly

© 2013 Tiana Dreymor


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    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      You need to read between the lines. It's a hard book to read, but anybody with a brain can get it. It's not the technical words you need to know, but how wheat has been raped and destroyed...turned to poison. When you get that, you will read EVERY label on the foods you buy. I've been doing this for years since I already don't eat Aspertame, MSG, Aluminum, hydrogenated oils, vinegar, black pepper and mustard. If I see any of that on the label it goes back on the shelf.

      Eliminating wheat may mean you will need to cook from scratch. You have seen some of the recipes I've been posting on my Healthy Self (Heal Thy Self) group on Facebook. Here's kind of some of the other things I eat. My last meal today was baked sweet potato (nuked), deli roast beef and Provalone cheese with mayo. I had a bottle of (my homemade) Root Beer, and nibbled on a few (MSG Free) sour cream and onion potato chips. This brand is Clancy's that I find at Aldi's stores. Some people claim potatoes are bad, but I don't. My opinion, I suppose, but I feel MSG in most brands is much worse than the chip. (Do NOT eat other snacks because most contain wheat. I think, even the corn chips.) For breakfast I had a 2-egg omelet with cheddar cheese. (Do not eat processed cheeses.) I had an orange somewhere in between for a snack. It's not really hard once you get into it. Good luck!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hey, T....great write up! I told you I started to read Wheat Belly but never've given me some motivation to get back to it. But, other than single-ingredient protein foods like eggs and meat, isn't wheat in pretty much everything? How easy was it for you to go "wheat free"? What's a day's wheat free menu look like? Later!

    • Vista15 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiana Dreymor 

      7 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Hi Radcliff! It's great to find someone who's on the same page with me! I've read a couple of your Hubs, already can't remember which, because I read a few others, too. But one was definitely about the Wheat Belly book. I find it odd your name is Davis... I realized while reading it, it's been out a couple years and I wondered why it took me so long to find it! I have a Facebook page on health, called Healthy Self (Heal Thy Self) and some people's comments drive me crazy, too. And I have one who is so perfect, she one-ups me on everything I post. But I just take into consideration she is probably not the one I'm aiming at to become more healthy. She's doing fine.

      I have a couple other Hubs, one on Nutriton and the one, Cure Pneumonia, I hope you'll read, too. I only own 3 of the books I commented on, Dr. Atkins, Dr. Batmanghelidj and Dr. Dyer. But the others are as close as my library... Thanks for your comment. Very appreciated.


    • Radcliff profile image

      Liz Davis 

      7 years ago from Hudson, FL

      Hi Vista! I write a lot about the issues you're talking about in this article (I'm a nutrition nerd). Wheat Belly is an amazing book and I'm so glad you read it. I recommend it regularly--it drives me crazy when people say that wheat-free diets are just a fad. Also, someone once gave me an audio version of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water". It's very interesting and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for sharing--stories like yours help others find the answers to their own health problems. Great book recommendations, too :) -Liz


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