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Steak Recipe So Good, You Will Slap Yo Mama

Updated on May 30, 2014

Who doesn't like a good steak ?

I love to eat steak, as a matter of fact it is one of my favorite meals. But your marinade can make or break you. It is very important you prepare your steak properly or you might be taking a drive to the fast food joint up the road. In this article I will give you the tips to create a delicious steak using a marinade so good, you will slap yo mama !

The best cuts of meat

1. Porterhouse steak

2. Skirt steak

3. Ribeye steak

4. Flatiron steak

5. Filet Mignon

6. T-Bone Steak

7. Flank steak

8. Strip steak

9. Rump steak

10. Sirloin steak

11. Hanger steak

What to look for when picking a good steak

When picking a good steak, always look for marbling. This is the white fat within the steak. A good rule of thumb is, the more marbling evenly distributed throughout the steak, the better your steak will taste. Also make sure the beef looks fresh and does not have an expired sticker on it. Steaks on the bone tend to be more tender and flavorful. Buying meat from a butcher is the way to go. Get to know your butcher, become friends and they will help you choose the best steak at the best value.

The Marinade

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
Lemon pepper

Whisk together Worcestershire sauce and olive oil in a bowl . Pour mixture into a large Ziploc bag. Liberally sprinkle steaks on both sides with Lemon pepper and place in the Ziploc baggy with the marinade. Seal and Let sit for 20 minutes or anywhere up to 24 hours.

How to grill your steak

Set up your grill for direct heat and indirect heat at least thirty minutes before you start cooking. This means have all your charcoal set to one side of your grill, while the other side does not have any charcoal. A picture is provided below so you know what we are talking about.

2. Oil the grill. Use tongs and a paper towel drenched in olive oil to lubricate your grill grate.

3. Place the meat on the hot part of the grill. Let them sear until they release without sticking.

4. When the steak release easily, reposition at 90 degrees so you get professional looking grill marks.

5. Flip the steaks to the other side and let them cook, and them give them another quarter turn.

6. Use a thermometer, a temperature between 130 and 145 F is medium rare and medium. If you want well done move your steak to the cooler part of the grill and let it cook longer.

7. Remove steaks from the grill and let them rest from 5 to 10 minute before slicing. This let the juices settle.

8. Slice and enjoy !


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