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Japanese Hot Pot Sukiyaki Recipe

Updated on March 20, 2015
Sukiyaki | Source

Sukiyaki is very well-known Japanese dish. It's part of nabemono (Japanese hot pot) family. It is is a winter dish which is cooked and served at the dinner table. It's a medley of thinly sliced beef with mushroom, vegetable, tofu and noodle simmered in little broth. The beef is seared lightly and then poached in the broth with other ingredients. Then the cooked food are shared and enjoyed among dinners. Usually a small bowl of raw egg is served for dipping.

This is very nourishing dish yet easy to make. The broth is simply made of dashi stok, soy sauce and mirin. Its' incredibly easy to fix and we do not spend hours to make a tasty dashi stock. This one-pot meal is perfect for dinner, party or even gathering. It's quick and easy yet elegant and super tasty.

Traditionally, Sukiyaki is cooked on the sukiyaki pan or pot but electric skillet/cooker is good alternative too.

Sukiyaki | Source

What You Need

Serves 4


1 lbs beef tenderlon, thinly sliced

10 oz Chrysanthemum leaves (shungiku)

4 spring onions, cut into 2-inches pieces

8 fresh shiitake mushroom

1 block tofu, grilled

1 bundle shirataki noodle

4 eggs


1/3 cup mirin

1/3 cup soyu (soy sauce)

1/3 cup dashi stock

4 - 5 tbsp sugar

How to Fix

  • Cut the grilled tofu into bite size pieces.
  • Cook the shirataki in the boiling water until its soft but al dente. Drain and cut into 3-inches lengths.
  • Wipe the shiitakemushroom with tissue. Cut off the stem and make a criss-cross incision on the top of each mushroom.
  • Put the beef slices, grilled tofu pieces, shirataki noodles and spring onions on a large plate.
  • Put the soy sauce, mirin, dashi stock and sugar in a small saucepan. Bring this broth mixture to a rolling boiling. Then transfer the broth to a bowl or container and set on the dinner table.
  • Prepare 4 small individual bowls for eggs. Break one egg in each bowl and lightly beat it. Set aside.
  • At the dinner table, heat a sukiyaki pan on and grease with beef suet. Add the beef and spreading it evenly in one layer.
  • When the beef begins to sear and changing color, add small amount of broth, noodles and vegetables.
  • The dinners help themselves with the food. They will dip the cooked food into a lightly beaten egg in an individual bowl.

How to Make Sukiyaki


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