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Jello Shots

Updated on May 31, 2012

Jello Shots

Jello shots can be the hit of your party if made properly, making jello shots seems to be a question that is asked a lot. The truth is jello shots are actually very simple to make. I am going to give you some simple step by step instructions to help you make jello shots. First I will give you some great ideas you can use when deciding what type of jello shots you would like to make. The key is creativity when you are making jello shots, here are some fun flavor ideas that will make you a master of the jello shot. berry blue jello and captain Morgan parrot bay this jello shot I call the blue beast ,red raspberry jello and smirnoff raspberry vodka jello shots, orange jello and orange bacardi O jello shots called the Oh Oh, Pineapple jello and malibu rum jello shots, Green lime jello and gold tequila jello shots, yellow lemon jello and smirnoff citrus twist vodka jello shots, Strawberry jello and 99 banana's jello shots, these are just a few great ideas you can use to make jello shots but the key to a great jello shot is mastering the mixology, Pretend you are an artist and the jello shot is your pallet. be creative, you can add caffeine to your jello shots, carbonation, you can even make your jello shots in different shapes like an orange wedge or orange slice jello shot by cutting the orange in half, hollowing out the orange halves, filling with the jello mix and slicing once they have set, whatever you can come up with skies the limit when it comes to jello shots, here are a few simple steps to help you get started. Try my Pudding Shots and Cotton Candy Martini.

How to make jello shots, step by step

  • 1st you will need to boil water, you will need 2 cups of boiling water for this step. (16oz)
  • 2nd Pour 2 cups of boiling water into a large glass bowl very carefully.
  • 3rd add 6oz of your desired jello (the larger package of jello) to the bowl.
  • 4th Stir the jello for about 3 minutes to make sure the jello is dissolved.
  • 5th Add 6oz of cold water to the jello mixture and stir for about 30 seconds.
  • 6th add your desired spirit to the jello mixture approx 8oz to 10oz depending on how strong you want it, and stir well. (however you want to make sure your jello sets so you may need a little more water if using strong alcohol proof like 100 proof vodka verse Parrot bay)
  • 7th Arrange your desired containers on a large baking sheet that will fit into your refrigerator so you can easily transport them after pouring.
  • 8th It is time to pour your jello shots mixture into the desired containers, I recommend using a large glass measuring cup or something with a spout making it easier to pour your jello shot mixture, I use little solo containers with lids because they are easy to transport and distribute once the jello shots, are ready.
  • 9th Once you have poured the jello shot mixture into the desired containers and sealed the lids, if you have them, carefully transport your jello shots to the refrigerator.
  • 10th it is best Let your jello shots set overnight, they will be ready sooner but I recommend leaving them set overnight at least it gives the spirits time to soak in the jello
  • 11th Prepare the jello shots for distribution, you will want to nominate 2 shot volunteers to distribute the jello shots, they will each need an apron or tie around the waste pouch, maybe even a bag to carry the jello shots in and a can of cool whip.

Jello Shots

As you can see Jello shots, or jello shooters can be a very fun and unique way to enjoy your favorite spirit at party's, the lake and all your summer time events; however, there are a few hazards you should be aware of before cosuming these yummy little treats...

  • Good Jello shots can be very tasty; however, they can also be dangerous for even the most seasoned drinker, they taste good and you just don't realize sometimes how much alcohol you are consuming, it may take a little longer to hit you due to the jello substance verses a liquid state of the spirit or alcohol.
  • This is a very important warning, Never place jello shots anywhere that kids can reach them or even see them, they look neat and tasty and children may not know they contain alcohol, I recommend someone with no kids to make and store the jello shots.
  • Use your head and be smart.
  • Enjoy the jello shots with extreme care and never ever drink and drive, always designate a sober driver if you plan on leaving the party.


Be the hit of your party

If you are planning a party here are a few suggestions of great party foods that are the hit of every party

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This is by far the number 1 requested party recipe out their, if you have jello shots and this dip you will be a ROCKSTAR!

Wing Sauce Recipe

Chicken wings are always a great hit at any party, but the secret lies in the sauce. You want a sauce that will WOW them, something different than the local wing place.

Also try the Flabongo Shot and the Rainbow Shots

Well, good luck to you with your party preparation's and remember to be creative and unique. Practice, practice, practice and you will be the envy, the party with the best food and jello shots.


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    • Cynthias411 profile image

      Cindy Payne 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      ok you can make me some LOL!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      nat 8 years ago

      great hub on jello shots, It makes me want to make some right now!!