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Juice fasting for a healthy you

Updated on June 30, 2011

You may have been trying every kind of diet imaginable for losing some weight. A lot of times we find that despite our best laid plans, losing weight just isn’t an easy task. But this is not how it has to be always. You can make a drastic change in your food habits and especially when you need to fit into that sexy outfit for a big party, a juice diet is the best bet you have. This might not sound like the best plan when you first hear it. Here is why a good juice fasting plan will help.

Firstly, when you are going on a juice diet, you are going to be consuming a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. This is the best way to cut down on your weight, especially when you have been having a tough time with cravings and bingeing. All of those raw fruits and vegetables mean a wealth of nutrients are getting into your system making you stronger in a lot of ways. Key thing to do is to cut down on the sugar. Drink tea without sugar, drink your juices fresh and minus additives. It might take a little getting used to but the results will show immediately.

When you are deciding to go on a juice diet, you are choosing the healthy route. It is like going on a fast and the time when things will really start to kick in will be only when you have completed around three days. That is when your body will have used up the stored food in the digestive tracts and what little reserves of fat that are left and really start to crave all those in between snacks you usually have. Replace everything with a fruit. Buy yourself a combination of fruits in fact to satisfy the need for different flavors.

The third reason why a juice diet or a juice fast is important and good is that it cleanses your body. It is actively ridding your body of the toxins present within and flushing the entire waste out. One day at a time, your body will learn to adapt to the new eating habit and expect less to come its way. This ate day fast will definitely leave you feeling reenergized. Unless you have any specific medical conditions or are on medication, you can start today to switch to a healthier path, a healthy new lifestyle.

Mix and match. You can get tired of one same set of fruit juices and fruit bowls can start to look less than appealing once you begin. The secret is to come up with combinations with a little bit of low fat yoghurt, mixing up fruit juices and interesting salads that will satisfy your body’s need for some flavor and variation. You can achieve amazing results with this fruit juice diet if you persist and make sure that you juice it fresh or buy it fresh from someplace where they make it right before your eyes. When on a juice fast, avoid packaged juices with additives.


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