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Keep the cocktail season going with Master of Mixes, celebrity Chef Anthony Lamas!

Updated on May 12, 2017

Chef Anthony Lamas is now known all over the world, winning accolades on Food Network, Bar Rescue and with ceremonies at the James Beard House. He uses farm-fresh produce with his Californian-Mexican-Puerto Rican-Southern fusion cuisine, including his cocktails at his Louisville restaurant, Seviche. The flavor profiles are bright, fresh-tasting, with plenty of fruit, vegetables and herbs. Now, he has partnered with Master of Mixes to create several Bloody Mary mixes: all delicious! I was happy to be hosted to experience them.

Each of the gourmet Bloody Mary flavors are different. Classic has the heavier consistency to stand up to vodka and ice being added, with juicy tomato and light celery flavors with flavorful heat. The recipe uses Roma tomatoes, which are prized by chefs for their extra meaty texture and deep flavor.

5 Pepper is spicy and savory, incorporating chipotle, ancho, habanero, jalapeno and red peppers. It's tangy with plenty of heat, but it doesn't burn. It has a thinner consistency than the other varieties. If you like Buffalo Wings, you might try it as a marinade!

Loaded is my favorite variety. It has jalapeno, jalapeno, fresh horseradish, cucumbers and citrus. It's bright and vegetal, very tasty.

Michelada is a Mexican cocktail, so easy to make! Pour a bit in a glass with beer and lime juice. By itself, it has a thick consistency and smoky chipotle flavor. In the cocktail, it's a light, refreshing cocktail with a savory flavor -- perfect with food.

Daiquiris are a fun, social drink! The Mango Daiquiri/Margarita mix can be added to rum or tequila for an easy to be creative cocktail. It incorporates luxury Alphonso mangoes and key lime juice for a mellow, sweet taste with faint cinnamon notes.

For those of you who prefer a not too sweet drink, Blood Orange Margarita mix hits the spot. It fools the eye, because with its deep color, your mind thinks it must be extra sweet, but it's just lightly sweet. It's single pressed -- all juice, no pith -- out of blood oranges from Sicily.

They say the mixes -- once opened -- can keep for 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator. I do like to use products before that time. Try this figure friendly side dish -- so easy! -- tomato aspic. Use Michelada or any of the Bloody Mary mixes as your hot fluid with a combination of unflavored gelatin and sugar-free lemon. Pour into your favorite gelatin mold or casserole dish, stir-stir-stir, stick it in the fridge after it's not boiling hot. When it's partially set, you could add some chopped stuffed olives and or pickles. Wait a few hours. A super Southern accompaniment with fried chicken, deviled eggs or other picnic fare!

The mixes are becoming more widely available at liquor stores across the nation and you can also buy them online.


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