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Keurig One Cup Coffee Pots - Addicting!!!

Updated on January 26, 2012

Five of the six people in my family are coffee drinkers. That includes my wife, 3 teenage children, and myself. My 10 year old isn't there yet. Anyway, every day for several years, we'd set the automatic coffee pot the night before, fill the basket with coffee grinds, set the timer, and we'd wake up to a full pot of fresh coffee every morning. That was the extent of our home coffee drinking.

Of course, each morning, after everyone was out the door to start the day, there would always be coffee left in the pot that simply got dumped down the drain, and on most occassions, the task of cleaning the pot, throwing out the used grains, and cleaning the basket, fell on myself. So like creatures of habit, this routine repeated itself day after day for many years.

We used to buy the Green Mountain coffee in the gound bags, so our selection of coffee was not a cheap one. My wife only liked the best. We'd usually wait until that coffee went on sale, and we'd stock up. Just before Christmas this year, as hoped, the Green Mountain coffee went on sale and we bought enough to last us for sometime. Life was good as far as coffee was concerned.

The Christmas Gift

As it got closer to Christmas, as usual, I was struggling trying to come up with good Christmas gift ideas for my family. My mother-in-law has had a single serve coffee pot from Keurig for awhile now and everytime we visit her, we all enjoy making our own individual fresh cup of coffee. Even my ten year old gets in on the act as he makes himself a cup of hot chocolate. That's when I got the idea to purchase one for the entire family as a gift. We had talked about this before, and have always concluded that it wasn't the most economical way to go for a family of 5 coffee drinkers, as the single K-Cups (name for the individual coffee cups that get put into the machine to make your cup of coffee) were not cheap.

As I thought more and more about it, yes, our initial thoughts on this were correct, but i also rationalized to myself that coffee is something we all enjoy. It's the first thing we have when we wake up in the morning, so why not splurge alittle on something that there is no doubt we would all get enjoyment and use out of. The other point I used for rationalization is that we tended to have different tastes when it comes to coffee. My wife likes the bolder, stronger coffees, while I enjoy the more milder coffees. Why should we need to compromise when the Keurig K-Cup coffee machines could solve this problem for us.

Still not the best decision in these economically troubled times, but I was able to rationalize my way through the decision and went for it anyway. I purchased a new Keurig Single Serve coffee maker, wrapped it and put it under the tree.

A Well Received Gift

Needless to say, on Christmas morning, everyone was excited over the new gift but still questioned the decision to use this solution over our single 12 cup pot that we've been using for years. It didn't take me much to convince everyone to give it a try. When I say everyone, I'm really talking about my wife. The kids absolutely loved the idea, including my 10 year old son who regularly drinks hot chocolate and now could do so more easily.

Along with the Coffee Machine, I had purchased a large Variety Pack of different kinds of coffee, hoping we could use it to determine which brands and flavors would be best to buy. Unfortunately, out of 36 different K-Cups, there were only a couple that we really enjoyed.

Life With Our New Coffee Pot

So the days immediately following Christmas had the entire family home on Christmas break. I have to tell you that Keurig machine really got a workout. As I stated, previously, we only drank coffee in our house right after waking up in the morning. Well now, with the new toy, coffee was being drank all day long, at all hours of the day!! Hot chocolate was another favorite as we couldn't keep enough on hand.

I was concerned that my family was going to start getting the shakes as they were getting all caffeined out!!! The ease of use of the machine led to the overuse. A container attached to the side simply needed to be kept filled with fresh, clean water so it was always ready for the next cup. It took no time at all to make a cup of coffee.

And to make matters even better, there was no cleanup!!! How great is that!! You simply remove the used K-Cup, thrown it in the garbage, and put in a new one to make your coffee. Based on the coffee drinking binge my family was now on, the water needed to be filled several times a day, but that activity only takes a few seconds!!

So yes, we were in coffee and hot chocolate bliss in my household. And it wasn't simply the novelty of a new toy. It's now the end of January and the coffee drinking, hot chocolate toasting still continues at a torrid pace. I think they are all addicted!! I managed to stay with my single cup of coffee in the morning, but I have to admit, I have slipped in a few hot chocolates here and there!!

Box of Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cups
Box of Green Mountain Hazelnut K-Cups

What Coffee to Buy?

I have to admit, it is alittle overwhelming in terms of the sheer number of different kinds of K-Cup coffees you can buy. First you have all the different brand names, Green Mountain, Duncan Donuts, Van Houtte, Timothy's, .... and the list goes on. Next, within each brand, you have all the different kinds of coffee, strong, bold, mild, decaf, flavored, .....

By far, Bed Bath and Beyond seemed to have the largest selection of K-Cups to choose from. That being said, you can buy these K-Cups almost anywhere. Our local ShopRite also does a good job in stocking a large variety of these. I even went as far as to create a K-Cup coffee store on that nicely lays out the different categories to make shopping for these coffees even easier. Most sites simple throw too much at you and your overwhelmed. If you're into purchasing K-Cups, what better way than to have them show up to your house via the mail. You should check out the store at The Doubleklm Keurig Associates Coffee Store .

So as a result, the kids tend to like the flavored coffees, with Hazelnut being on top of the list. My wife has been experimenting with several different types of stronger coffees. And as for my youngest, I think any kind of hot chocolate we bought has been satisfactory for him.

So what happens to all that grounded Green Mountain Coffee we just bought on sale before the holidays? Well Keurig makes an accessory that can go into your Keurig Coffee pot that allows you to continue to use your favorite ground coffee. It's called the Reusable Coffee filter so I went and purchased one of those. We now have the best of both worlds..It does work as advertised!!


As far as the expense goes, the jury is still out. We always drank more expensive coffee prior and now we've moved to the single serve K-Cups. i haven't had the nerve yet to sit down and calculate it but I'm pretty certain that the K-Cups are more expensive. The difference now is that anyone can have a cup of coffee at any time during the day, without the need to make an entire pot. I'm ont sure you can put a price tag on that. Throw in the ease of making a hot chocolate at your convenience, and I can very easily rationalize the extra expense (notice how I've done alot of rationalization since getting this coffee pot?).

Anway, my advise to anyone that is even thinking about purchasing one of these single serve coffee pots from Keurig, just do it!!!! You will be very please with the machine and all the felxibility it will bring you. Happy Coffee Drinking!!!!


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    • profile image

      Carol H. 

      7 years ago

      Trying to figure out how much it costs to use your own coffee with the alternative filter I concluded that I needed to use 1oz of coffee for each cup. I use French Roast for the bold taste it has and it comes out to $.43 a cup.


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