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Keurig Troubleshooting: A Few of The Problems That Do Arise

Updated on April 21, 2013

This article is targeted towards to the Keurig coffee brewers, however some of the issues covered may be applicable to brewers from other manufacturers as often these single serve coffee machines suffer from similar issues. However, it is always best to consult your user manual and /or the manufacturers website first.

The purpose in today's article is to run through a few of the more comment problems that can arise with the Keurig brewers. Although Keurig has built a name for themselves in the quality and functionality of their machines, like all machines, sometimes things can go wrong. However, there can also sometimes be simple fixes to these issues and so the panic button doesn't need to be hit straight away.

We use a Keurig B77 at home and have found this an excellent machine with very few problems experienced over the years. With a little maintenance, like descaling the brewer from the build up of lime scale (just like your kettle does), most problems can be avoided most of the time. But even with the best maintenance plan in place things can still go amiss.

So what are some of the more common issues that arise with the Keurigs and how can these be overcome? Do read on...

Brewer Shuts Off or Turns On Automatically

It's a simple one most of the time, and OK you may have checked but you would be surprised how many people haven't, and that is the Auto On/Off timer setting. This is normally set to the On position on Keurig brewers and so you think you have left it on and of course it shuts itself down; which is a great safety feature but can be a pain when you don't need it. So use the menu screen on the brewer, scroll until you see this as an option on the menu and select to off.

Brewing a Partial Cup

The most common cause of your machine only brewing a partial cup of coffee is that it needs a clean, in particular descaling. As mentioned above this is the removal of lime scale build-up in the machine over time. It's the nature of these machines and it can't be avoided.

The other common cause is the blockage of the exit needle in the unit and this should normally be cleaned as part of a regular process. With the build-up of coffee and chocolate grounds, the needle can become blocked and so disrupt the brewing process.

Just one final note on cleaning and descaling: it's always important to remember to rinse the machine well afterwards, in particular when you are using products like vinegar. A good 2 or 3 water only rinse cycles should normally achieve this.

Coffee Grounds in the Cup

This isn't a common problem with the Keurig machines, however it does arise every-so-often. Again the most common cause we have noticed has been due to a blocked exit needle and / or the unit just needing a good clean.

The Blue Light in the Removable Water Reservoir is Blinking

And perhaps the easiest one to end on with this article is the good old flashing blue light. The most common problem, as simple as it seems, is just add more water. Keurig designed their machines to run with a certain minimum water balance required in the reservoir and this is normally the result of it running low.


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    • profile image

      Johna Reynolds 3 years ago

      I have just had my third keurig go out in four years. Two platinums and a view. They always seem to go out within a couple of months after the one year warranty is out! Now I have 80 k cups and no way to brew them. I don't think in will ever be stupid enough to buy another one.