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Kwek-Kwek Recipe

Updated on March 5, 2011
Best recipe for Kwek-kwek
Best recipe for Kwek-kwek

How to Make Kwek-Kwek Recipe

Kwek-kwek or deep fried breaded quail eggs is something that is very common streetfood in the Philippines. You'll usually see it being sold in the street for very cheap and comes with sweet sauce or could also be served with spicy vinegar. For some reason, it has become a standard to make it orange in color. I guess this is because orange is the most appetizing color. Although I've seen people become very creative with it before because I remember eating multi-colored kwek-kwek. It was very entertaining but I do believe that orange is the best color for it. It really does make sense and makes me want to eat it every time I see it.

There really is no strict recipe for it and it's very easy and simple to make. You don't need fancy ingredients or whatever. I guess it's with the sauce where you'll really need a recipe but with other than that it's really very simple. In some places I've seen them put cucumber in the vinegar. It really gives a balance between the egg and the spiced vinegar and can really bring out the flavors.

All you really need is to have some flour and cooking oil and you're set. The thing that makes it orange, I think, is food coloring. I'm not really sure if this is safe or whatever but I'm sure there are some organic and safe food coloring out there.

But because it's a very simple recipe does not mean that you can't be creative with it. Surely we shouldn't just be satisfied with something just because it is something we are already used to. It will also be important keep an open mind and be creative and innovative with your recipe for Kwek-kwek.

Kwek Kwek Recipe
Kwek Kwek Recipe

Recipes for Kwek-kwek

Quail eggs is probably something we take for granted because I heard it's quite a delicacy some countries. But also, beware of the health risks. I heard it has the same cholesterol as three chicken eggs! I don't really know about the scientific basis of that or who made the study or whatever. It's mostly just hearsay. But of course, it is deep fried so there are some risks to be considered.

Check out this video below I found online about how to cook kwek-kwek. You'll really be surprised at how easy it is. You never have to worry about how hard it'll be to cook kwek-kwek. It really is something that is very easy to make and can be done by anyone at home. The video is perfect because it shows the step-by-step tutorial making this a really quick and easy recipe for kwek-kwek.

If you have not tried kwek kwek then you are missing out. It's really really good. Something you can eat anywhere. Of course it is not only limited to quail eggs. The recipe can also be performed on chickens eggs. If so, it's called tukneneng from what I've read. But usually I just call it bigger kwek kwek. 

How to Cook Kwek Kwek Video Tutorial

Kwek-kwek Recipe Ingredients

So what are you waiting for? This is something that is so easy to make even a child can do it (I've actually seen some street food stands where a really young person is the one cooking and serving). So don't waste anytime, you probably don't even need to go out anymore cause it's so simple that you already have all the ingredients needed in your kitchen. Taking out the shell of the quail eggs after boiling it will probably the hardest part. Aside from that, there are no worries or concerns. This is really the easiest recipe ever and at the same time can really satisfy you and provide really good flavors in your mouth. You will love it for sure. Don't waste anymore time and start cooking so you can start eating your kwek-kwek recipe already!

Really, you have not lived until you've eaten Kwek-kwek. Not eating kwek kwek is like not checking out my food blog. You know, life is dull without it. 


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    • swathi180 profile image

      swathi180 4 years ago

      They look delicious

    • profile image

      sAunarA75 5 years ago

      yes... the Filipino streetfood' taste good

      But also, beware of the health risks.

      don't eat to much

      Praise God

    • lzlpio90 profile image

      lzlpio90 6 years ago

      I do love kwek-kwek too... I always buy this one when we were going to night market...

    • profile image

      bieber 6 years ago


    • lilibees profile image

      lilibees 6 years ago

      Hmmmm they look just wonderful!