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Lemons Anyone??

Updated on October 26, 2014
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I love to share the Gospel Of Jesus Christ with all who will listen. I love my family with all of my heart. I love arts, crafts and reading.

Lemons Anyone??

I truly love to add lemon wedges to my water when I go out to restaurants, at least I did until recently.

My husband and I were watching a television show together that gave the do's and don'ts of eating out. To my surprise one of the don'ts was to ask for lemon or lime wedges with your water. I was devastated...not really, but I was shocked! I love to have lemon water with my meals. It seems to clean my pallet, helps my food taste better and I tend to eat less.

They described how easily the lemons and limes could get contaminated by either the handler or their knives used to slice them.


If they are left out, there is a danger for microbial growth due to the handling by the employees that may have touched raw meat etc... or if the knife used to slice them has been used to slice something else... well, you get the picture.

We watched, to our horror, as some employees were caught on camera dropping the lemon wedges on to the floor, picking them up, only to replace them back into the dish...YUCK!

So now I improvise and bring my own. I know you have seen the containers of lemon juice that look like real lemons, well that is my new favorite item to carry in my purse. I take it with me only when we go out to eat. The labels will tell you how much to add to your water to equal the juice of a whole lemon. Depending on your weight however, you may only need the sum of one half a lemon. (This is in the article I have listed below. ) There are also hollow containers shaped like lemons or limes that you can carry actual lemon or lime wedges inside and have the "real deal" with you! I like both ideas, but have found the juice to be more convenient.

Some of the perks I have found since starting this practice are :

  1. I noticed that I don't suffer the bloating after each meal as I had before.
  2. A huge decline in the number of gout episodes in my feet. (Nearly stopped altogether)
  3. I eat less, even at buffet style restaurants.

I recently found the following article to be very informative and interesting:

The Amazing Health Benefits
of Drinking Lemon Water

by Ann Heustad, R.N.

You will not have any trouble finding this, if you search google or bing...I am sure.

I hope you will find the information as helpful as I have. It has inspired me to continue and I now add lemon to my water at home, I also add lime from time to time. It offers me a change so as to not get bored with it.

I love how the lemon water makes my taste buds come alive and the fact that I feel as if it helps me to eat less, along with all the other health benefits listed in the article above, is a definite plus. It may not work this way for you, but it is well worth the try.

Happy lemon and lime drinking folks and you know what they say..."If life gives you lemons"...well you know the rest...Best wishes!

Your Friend In Christ,

Karen Foster

© 2011 Simply Redeemed


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    • Simply Redeemed profile imageAUTHOR

      Simply Redeemed 

      10 years ago

      Thanks so much for your comments jayjay40 and Donnacha C!! It really does mean a lot when people comment. So glad you both enjoyed!! Blessings my new friends!

    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 

      10 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      great hub, I keep planning to start my days with hotwater and lemon....hopefully tomorrow will be that day!

    • jayjay40 profile image


      10 years ago from Bristol England

      Great advice about taking your own lemon slices with you. Nice hub


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