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Laksa - Easy Recipe You Can Make At Home In 20 Minutes

Updated on August 14, 2016

Asian Gourmet Laksa

How To Make Authentic Tasting Laksa At Home The Easy Way

This Laksa recipe is very easy, takes about 20 minutes, and the outcome will surprise you. You will think this tastes really authentic except you haven't had to spend hours mixing pastes and making stock. This is truly the lazy chef's Laksa Recipe.

Laksa is an Asian soup dish, popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Most authentic Asian restaurants prepare it. It's deliciously spicy and hot enough to have some bite, but won't rip your head off. You can use whatever meat or seafood you like with this dish. I usually prepare it with chicken, because it's quick, tasty and easily available.

Laksa Ingredients

1 Large Chicken Breast (frozen)

1 440 Gram Can of Coconut Milk (or 14 Fl Oz)

1 1/2 Cups of Chicken Stock

1 Packet of Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Laksa Paste

Vegetable Oil

1 Packet of Thai Rice Noodles (or any noodles will do - see noodle variations below).

Serves - 2 people

Step 1 - Prepare And Stir Fry Chicken

Allow chicken to thaw slightly then slice chicken into wafer thin bite size pieces with a sharp knife. By the time you are ready to stir fry, the chicken will be thawed. I recommend cutting it while semi frozen because it's easier to get that wafer thin effect.

Add a splash of oil to a hot wok and stir fry chicken until cooked. I stir fry the chicken in three separate lots so the chicken cooks quickly and does not get too much water in it.

Set aside chicken and turn heat off temporarily.

Step 2 - Boil Water For Noodles and Stir Fry The Laksa Paste

Fill your kettle with water and boil. (You will use this boiling water to soak the Rice Noodles).

Add 1 tablespoon of oil (vegetable) to the wok, and stir fry the paste for about 2 minutes. This releases all the flavours of the Laksa Paste. Leave your stove heat on low while you do this as you do not want the paste to burn.

Add the can of coconut milk to the wok, mixing in the paste, and bring it to the boil. As soon as it boils, add 1 1/2 cups of chicken stock and bring to boil again. As soon as it boils, turn down to a low heat and let it simmer for ten minutes.

Grab a large bowl, empty the contents of your Rice Noodles into it and pour kettle of boiling water over the noodles. Add more boiling water if you need to. The rice noodles will soften. You can also use a fork to separate them. When ten minutes is up, strain the noodles and set aside to serve.

Step 3 - Serve Your Laksa

A minute or two before the ten minutes simmering has expired on your Laksa soup, throw the chicken into the soup to warm it. Increase the temperature if you need to, to heat the chicken through.

Grab some bowls, half fill your bowl with rice noodles, and then spoon over as much Laksa and chicken over the noodles as you think you'll eat. I suggest serving in smaller quantities as soup can cool before you get to the end of a big bowl. You can always top up your serving if you need more.

Vegetable Additions To Laksa

I've added Bok Choi to Laksa and it's delicious. Just finely chop a bunch and throw it into the soup a minute or two before serving.

You can also add snow peas or any vegetable you enjoy.

Mostly I keep mine plain and simple as it's very tasty without vegetables.

Chicken Laksa with Bok Choi

Seafood Laksa

If you want to make a nice seafood variation, you can use marinara mix, fish, prawns or a combination.

If you make seafood Laksa, you don't need to stir fry first, just put the raw seafood into the soup about 3 minutes before you are ready to serve. Don't overcook seafood as it will turn rubbery.

Prawn Laksa

Delicious Prawn Laksa
Delicious Prawn Laksa

Laksa Noodles

If you don't like Rice Noodles, try any Asian Noodles that you like. I've used fresh Hokkien Noodles, and Vermicelli Noodles. Vermicelli is also a rice noodle but really thin.

Update: I've just tried it (see photo above) with Egg Noodles. Delish! In fact, I think I'll use Egg Noodles from now on.  With Egg Noodles, boil some water in a sausepan, drop them in and boil for a few minutes and separate them with a fork.  When they are separated you can drain them off ready to serve.  You don't need to rinse.   Egg noodles in Australia usually come in a packet - they are dry and crisp so boiling them softens them ready for eating. 

Traditional Variations of Laksa

Traditionally, Laksa recipe ingredients vary and usually many more ingredients go into the pot to enhance the taste. That said, if time is short, and you just can't be bothered spending ages preparing various spices and vegetables, I can vouch for the Asian Home Laksa Paste. It's really delicious and as good as I've had in some local restaurants.

The following video demonstrates a more complex Laksa dish using a lot more varieties of ingredients and a different spice paste. There are numerous variations to this recipe. Have fun discovering Laksa and creating your own variations. Or try my plain and simple recipe for starters if you haven't tried Laksa before. Its really is a delicious dish.

How To Make Laksa Video


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    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 5 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Thanks for your comment Steffie, it is truly the best! Enjoy the recipe.

    • profile image

      Steffie 5 years ago

      Hey Belinda,

      Thanks for the fantastic recipe - Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Laksa is truly the best tasting Laksa I have ever tasted:-)

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      Sounds tasty. I would be interested in what seasonings go into the laksa paste. I assume that most Asians make their own.

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 7 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Desiree

      Your husband is a lucky man - I'm sure you will both love it. He will most likely be quite amazed how good the taste compares to the authentic ones. Enjoy! And thanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      Desiree  7 years ago

      Thanks for this! I have never had Laksa but my husband lived in Singapore when he was younger and raves about it. I`m going to buy the packets and follow your lead here and make some yummy soup. Thanks!

    • sgphilgoh profile image

      sgphilgoh 7 years ago from Singapore

      Fantastic indeed. Laksa goes well with bread too. Just cut French load into pieces and dip it into the laksa sauce. Delicious.

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 7 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it shariolivia! You are very welcome.

    • profile image

      shariolivia 7 years ago

      I just made it now!! YUMMY!!!

      thanks for the recipe!

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 7 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Oh good, please let me know what you think! It's one of my favorite recipes and so easy to make. Thanks for your comment.

    • Daily Matters profile image

      Daily Matters 7 years ago from Portugal

      Very nice hub, and being the cooking fan i am, i will definitely try this!

      Thx a lot!

    • gidtset profile image

      gidtset 7 years ago

      I will definitely try this - I don't think I have ever tasted this Laksa. Thanks for sharing:-)

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 7 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Shawn

      Thanks for dropping in! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - it does taste like the real thing doesn't it? Singapore! I had THE BEST eating experience there. Now if only I could learn how to make Hokkien Fried Prawn Mee that tastes exactly like they do it at Newton Circus I will be a very happy woman!

    • profile image

      Shawn 7 years ago

      I just made this Laksa pack and it taste awesome! It doesn't have any strange taste/smells like the Malay ones! It's the real Sing thing!

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 7 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Oh - that sounds absolutely divine Mama Sez! There is nothing quite like the way our mothers cooked things is there? Do let me know if you post the recipe!

    • Mama Sez profile image

      Mama Sez 7 years ago from Canada

      When I was younger, I remember my Mom was cooking Banana Blossom Laksa. It was yummy! I missed that.

    • Belinda Hodge profile image

      Belinda Hodge 8 years ago from Brisbane Australia

      Hi Debbie

      Thanks for stopping by again. One of my friends asked me how I made it so I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else out there would like to try it. I hope you enjoy it! I think the paste has some chili in it and that is what gives this recipe such a good bite. If you are used to mild chili then this won't taste too hot. All is very well with me, thanks for asking. I hope all is well with you too!

    • profile image

      Debbie 8 years ago

      Hi Belinda, Debbie again! thank you for the great recipe idea, I'm always looking for some new to make and this is new to me! I like how you said: "It won't rip your head off! " That made my day! I know some recipes can do that! Like the chili I make. Sometimes I make it mild, and sometimes not! Hope all is well.