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Le Creuset Frying Pan / Skillet - Best Buys Review (Positives AND Negatives)

Updated on July 14, 2014

There’s no two ways about it – Le Creuset products are pricey ...

... but what follows can help you decide if one of their best frying pans or skillets is the right purchase for you.

This article summarises objective reviews of some of their best selling frying pans/skillet and if you click the text beneath the picture above you can view the full range of sizes, colours and styles of Le Creuset frying pans and skillets, together with full reviews.


Cast Iron

Today, there are a number of different materials to select from if you are buying a frying pan. One of the most durable materials out there is cast iron - tried and trusted. These have the advantage that you can use them on the stove top and then transfer them to the oven.

Cast iron is an excellent conductor, making for uniform heat distribution and retention. Cast iron cookware does require some special care but many will attest that this cookware is worth its weight in gold (and indeed it is somewhat weighty!)

Enameled Cast Iron 10 1/4 Inch Skillets


Just some of the features

  • Black satin enamel on the interior
  • Chip and crack resistant
  • Even heat dispersal
  • Many colour ways to choose from apart from the blue one shown here
  • Enamelled cast iron

Some positives

A somewhat worried first time cast iron user commented that simply by using a thin layer of oil and a medium heat setting (not high) they were able to prepare a variety of foods to perfection without sticking or burning. These pans are perfect for one pot slow cooking.

A good choice for anyone worried about adverse affects of chemicals in non-stick pans.

This Le Creuset frying pan can be used in the oven as well as on the stove top – great one pot cooking for browning and then baking.

Some negatives

The handle gets very hot and, due to the weight of cast iron, may not be suited to, for example, arthritic persons. Some buyers experienced food sticking to the pan.

NB: there is a silicone handle cover available separately if you don’t want to use oven gloves all the time. (see below)

The Bottom Line

81% of the ratings were in the 5 or 4 star category. Overall the rating was 4.3 stars out of 5 for this durable and attractive best buy quality cast iron skillet.


This versatile sleeve makes handling a hot cast iron frying pan or skillet so much easier.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel frying pans have the advantage of being virtually maintenance free. They are strong, light weight and resist scratches and scrapes. You do not need to worry about rust, and even when you cook at higher temperatures they still maintain their shape. Le Creuset frying pans in stainless steel are well made, durable and come in a variety of sizes to suit your cooking requirements.

Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized Fry Pans


Some of the features

  • 8 inch stainless steel shallow frying pan
  • Stay cool handle
  • Non warping
  • Non stick finish for easy cleaning and reduced fat cooking.

Some positives

For some reviewers it has become their “go to pan”, particularly for eggs e.g. omelettes.

It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Many commented that it is a good quality chemically non stick piece of cookware.

Some have commented that it met all expectations and that they plan to buy more in different sizes.

Some negatives

One purchaser of this Le Creuset frying pan expressed dissatisfaction with scratching but relating this to lack of adherance to care instructions. It is necessary to take some time to read the care guidelines to get the best from this purchase.

The Bottom Line

This Le Crueset fry pan achieved 4.8 out of 5 stars. Based on 40 ratings, a resounding 95% gave a either a 4 or 5 star rating. A best buy frying pan which is well worth the asking price.


Le Creuset 10.25 in. Square Skillet Grill


Just some of the features

  • Square shape adds to the available cooking surface
  • Ribbed grill elevates food away from fat for healthier cooking.
  • Enamelled cast iron for even heat distribution so food cooks evenly
  • Chip and crack resistant finish

Some positives

This cast iron frying pan can be uses on stove top and inside the oven. It's available in many colours to match your existing cookware and/or décor.

The even heat distribution means you do not need to worry about hot spots in the pan resulting in some food being undercooked whilst food in another section of the pan is burned. Reviewers commented that it cooks steaks to perfection and leaves grill marks. A good heavy grill pan.

Some negatives

The handle gets very hot, necessitating the use of oven mitts or a sleeve cover. The weight of this item may be too much for the infirm.

The Bottom Line

90% of ratings were in the 5 star or 4 star categories. Overall, based on 50 reviews, this item scored 4.6 out of 5. With this buy, you can enjoy one pot cooking at its best.


Reviewers rated this item 4.4 out of 5 stars

What makes you hesitate to buy a cast iron frying pan or skillet from Le Creuset?

See results

Reviewers rated this item an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars

Are these pricey Le Creusset products right for you?

Do bear in mind that if the cookware you are buying is intended for use by persons who are impatient or averse to reading/following manufacturer guidelines, then this expensive cookware brand is probably not the right choice. It should also be borne in mind that their cast iron cookware can prove unsuitable for the infirm. (In these instances a lighter material such as stainless steel would be more fitting.)

However, based on user evaluations, a Le creuset frying pan or skillet is well worth your consideration if you want a durable, good quality pan or skillet with uniform heat distribution and extended heat retention. It's a worthy investment if you are happy to take a little time to follow practical guidelines (and before you know it, it becomes second nature to do the necessary).

In terms of cost, many feel these items are not expensive in the long term as they can last a lifetime and be passed down to offspring. And not only do they look good to begin with - they can look attractive for years to come due to the use of quality materials, their classic design features and their scratch, chip and odour resistant finishes.

Do check individual products for warranty details (typically items come with a 5 year or 10 year warranty/limited warranty or a lifetime guarantee). Many items shown here are shipped free of charge.

NEXT ...

Both the cast iron and the stainless steel pans can give many years/decades of use but See this link for further details and reviews of the above Le Creuset frying pans and similar products.

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ALWAYS check manufacturer guidance, instructions, warranty and specifications before purchasing new kitchen/cookware.



© 2014 Esther Strong


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