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Learn How To Grill Corn On The Cob

Updated on April 18, 2012
Grilled corn on the cob tastes so good!
Grilled corn on the cob tastes so good!

Grilling corn on the cob on a barbecue is an amazing way to cook it and it's not done enough because people get themselves into such a state thinking it's so hard when really it's not. Corn can be grilled on any BBQ from a portable BBQ on the beach to huge gas grills at home, it's all about the technique.

Read this hub and you will be amazed at how easy it really is and the best part is you will be able to the best corn for all your family and friends and they will love it!

Step By Step Guide To Grilling Corn On The Cob

Below is the worlds simplest guide to grilling corn on the lie you will be shocked! Go ahead what are you waiting for, you will never look back.

#1 - Fresh, Trim & Clean

The first thing you need are some nice fresh corn on the cobs, buy them on the day that you intend to cook and eat them that way they are as fresh possible.

Now you need to clean and trim your cobs, remove any excess silk that are hanging off and trim any husks that are loose. The reason for trimming is because we don't want any of these loose bits to burn and affect the taste.

Once you have trimmed then all nice and neat run them under some colder water and wash them clean, don't worry about drying them.

#2 - Soaking

Once the cobs are nice and trimmed you then need to rinse them under fresh cold water to make sure there clean, no need to dry them. Grab a big bowl and fill it with cold water, place the cobs in it and try to keep them submerged for a minimum of 20 minutes.

I try to keep them under for about 35/45 minutes to make sure they absorb the water which will keep them nice and moist. This is probably the most important part when it comes to grilling corn on the cob, its what makes them so mouth watering juicy.

3# - Get The BBQ Ready

At this point while the cobs are soaking you need to get your bbq started as it will take a little while to get nice and hot. When it comes to what you grill them on, it really doesn't matter that much and is down to personal preference, I always have and always will bbq with just cant beat that nice smokey flavor.

If your using charcoal you know when its ready as the coals with be white/grey with ash, if your using a gas barbecue most of them these days have got a temperate gauge on them, just set it to what you usually cook at.

#4 - Start Grillin'!

Remove the corn on the cobs from the bowl of water and pat them dry to remove and excess water with some towels as too much water dripping down will cause our bbq to get cold which we don't want.

Place your cobs on the grilling plate of your barbecue and place the lid over the top to keep the inside nice and warm.

Now your cobs are cooking you need to turn them every 4-6 minutes give of take depending on how hot your grill is, don't for get to do this otherwise they will burn and char in the center.


Now something that you need to be aware of is the outer shells or the cobs will burn and may even catch fire at times but this is nothing to worry about as long as you keep turning them regularly.

#5 - Finish Grillin'

After about 20/25 minutes your delicious corn on the cobs will be ready, on the outside they will look very black and burnt.

As this is the first time you have grilled corn on the cob what I suggest you do is take one of the grill and open it up, see how it is and its its cooked then pull the rest off the grill, if not then give them a few more minutes (don't forget to keep turning them!) The reason I say this is because these times are only a guide line and are really dependent on how hot they have been cooked at.

It will become like second nature to you after a you have done them a few times and you will get your timings down to second.

Don't forget when your removing them from the grill you use tongs as they will be extremely hot and you don't want to burn yourself.

#6 - Peeling The Cobs

With a towel folded a few times hold onto the bottom of the cobs and peel the silks just like you peel a banana, again be very careful.

There will be a few bits of burnt ash and what not on them once your done, once you have peeled them all simply rinse them under some warm water quickly and they will be ready to go.

#7 - Dig In & EAT!!!

Pile them on a nice big place and take them to the table along with some butter to melt over them.

I find that a little salt and pepper on them really brings them alive and they will taste like nothing you have every tried before.

Was That Hard?

THAT'S IT!!! How hard was that really?

I'm almost certain anyone out there can follow these simple instructions and give their family and friends the best grilled corn on the cob they have every had!

How's Your Grilling Going?

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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      I love fresh corn on the cob and when it is grilled right it is the best! Nice job here. Great pictures and detailed instructions. Voted up and shared!


    • darran360 profile image

      darran360 5 years ago

      Ahhh now I must say I have never thought about Parmesan and Paprika on my cobs, I'm definitely gonna have to try them out! Thanks :-)

    • darran360 profile image

      darran360 5 years ago

      Thanks Joan! :-)

    • Media Magnate Mom profile image

      Media Magnate Mom 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Not much makes me more happy than a good cob of grilled corn. I prefer mine with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and a dash of smoked paprika. Your pictures are making my mouth water. Awesome and voted up! Thanks for a great Hub.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      This sounds wonderful! I must take it home to the lady I live with and suggest it, they sound really good. My mouth is watering already! Congratulations on a well written Hub. Voted Up and some more. Be happy and eat lots of corn on the cob!