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Let's just cook something

Updated on September 3, 2009
The beginning of my small garden
The beginning of my small garden
fresh zucchie squash
fresh zucchie squash

Before we start I have just one question to ask of you, do you live to eat? You know the rest of the story. We all have an obsession about eating, anything we can get our hands on usualy.

Did you every stop to think about what your eating though, would you have your 13 year old daughter date a grown man. I think not. Look at food in the same manor, take everything down to it simplest form. Do we feed the hunger blindly or should we have fun with our food first?

Take the time to gaze at those fancy food magazines and imagine yourself cooking some of this stuff. Its easy ,if it look like a duck and smells like a duck ,why hell man its a duck.

Lets break the food down that your looking at, meat, vegetable, whatever, next how are we going to cook the basic food group, our meat first. That depends on our risk factors and age group. Have we been to see the doctor lately ? This is important why, your general health should depend how you prepare your food. Deep fried foods , sure are good crisp, blah, blah,blah. When your young you don't see the harm in deep frying foods at all, go away old man your not talking to me.

OK lets talk to people oh lets say from 40 up. Now that your eyes are further away from the magazine. it's time to start on another adventure, old age its starting so lets get ready for the rest of your life as it will become.

Where were we, meat and deep fried foods. The worst thing anyone could every do is try to quit eating bad food foods all together. I have found that if you have such a strict diet that you must carry around with you a cook,kitchen supplied with your special needs. OK that isn't going to work is it. You have to ask yourself should I try to eat better at home where I have control over food, yea that works better and it will work for you too.

Now that we have all that out of the way lets cook.Lets cook meat first.

Hamburger, everyone loves it. Prepare the hamburger in a nice metal or glass bowel. add some chopped onions. OK you don't like onions your making this hard on me. Try onion powder or onion granules, one you learn to chop up the onions fine you will throw away all the other stuff. OK now we have hamburger, onions, add your favorite spices, pepper what ever, try not to use any salt I will have a full paragraph on the harmful pitfalls of salt later.

Cooking the hamburger in a pan or oven, if using a pan us a heavy pan it holds the heat better once it comes up to proper heat. Medium heat gas works fine, cook about five minuets on side one don't press down on meat or screw with it let it just cook. Flip Mr hamburger once let cook about four minuets on the other side, you can add some fresh spices to your meat now it really makes it better. After your finished let your hamburger rest about six minuets on rack or on a cloth getting some of the extra oil of the meat.

Learning to cook means just that, you have to start somewhere. Start slow and use food that your familiar with and work your way complicated. You can oven cook the hamburger also if you like without any oil at all . This will all come to you the more advanced you start cooking.

I didn't say anything about preparing the bun to eat, look your old enough to figure this out I hope.

Vegetables, I hear they are best steamed, but I like to cook using just a little bit of apple juice instead of water, try it with a pad of butter after. Package directions work best. your cooking skills will grow on you the more you get involved with the pots and pans.

I don't use any salt at all, anywhere on food. I need a Kidney transplant now due high blood pressure. Salt is a leading problem of blood pressure. One year later with no salt I'm off all blood pressure medications. Once you get through a month or two it gets easier, cooking is once again fun for me because I am what I cook now.


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