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Updated on August 24, 2013

If you have already read my article about my mom's tips, you will know some of the story behind this hub.

If not, here is a recap of the events.

Here is the opening paragraphs of my first article, this will help you get the story behind this hub.

"When I was growing up I never paid attention to a lot of things my mother said. More fool me as she held a wealth of information that she had accumulated over her life time. I suppose she was given most of the tips from her mother or grandmother. In any case some of my mother’s tips do seem a bit dated. Never the less they are quite useful even today.

My interest in what my mother had to say began when I was going through a rather large box of my mom's old photographs. I had been putting off sorting them out ever since she passed away. But it came to a head when my wife said,

"You may as well throw all those old photos of your mother's away, you never look at them. They just sit there day in day out gathering dust."

Well that was my wake up call, so I started to sort through them. All the ones I wanted to keep I scanned into my computer. They look just as good in the computer generated album as they did in the real one. The rest I gave to a family member who was doing the "Family tree".

This now brings me to point of this story. Right at the bottom of the box of photos was a battered old notebook. I recognised the writing on it straight away; it was my mom's writing. In her tidy hand she had written in bold handwriting."

Tips and advice I think you should know.

I don't know about you but I completely understand the saying “The straw that broke the camel’s back." Enough is enough, I say. This happens all too often for my liking.

Take for instance; I went to the fridge to make myself a nice cheese sandwich. I had already taken the trouble to cut two nice crusty slices of bread, and buttered it of course. I took out the cheese, lovingly unwrapped it from the tin foil...


Green mould all over it..... Disgusting!

Now this got me to thinking, I don't really have a clue how long you can store stuff.

When I thought about how much produce I must throw away each year due to storing it too long or storing it in the wrong way, I knew it was time to take stock of the situation.

It was time to dig out my mom's battered old note book of tips and advice.

I was sure I had seen a section in my mom's note book on this very topic. Sure enough after flicking through the pages I soon came to a section called, The best way to store things.

I know my mom's book has some old information in it but I'm sure it still holds good for today, at least it gives me a rule of thumb to follow, I'm sure mom knows best.

Here is a list of ten of the ones I thought most useful.

Storage time in a refrigerator ( fridge to you and me.)

Uncooked meat

1) Bacon. 8 - 10 Days.

2) Smoked Ham. 1 Week.

3) Steak, roasts and chops.

Clean meat under clear water, dry it well, then wrap it in foil, not too tightly. Store it in the fridge immediately. 3 - 4 Days

4) Cheese

In original packing or foil. 1 - 3 Weeks.

Cream cheese In foil or covered container. 1 Week.

5) Cooked Meat

Wrapped in foil or

in a covered container. 4 - 5 Days

Casseroles and Stews. 2 - 3 Days

Stored in a cupboard

6) Vinegar. 3 Years.

7) Tea.

Packet tea. 6 Months.

Tea bags. 4 - 6 Months.

8) Cooking oil.

In plastic or glass. 1 Year.

9) Sugar.

Granulated,brown or Icing sugar. 3 Years.

Tinned food

10) My mom made a special note at the bottom of her list about tinned food, here it is...

Tinned food should be stored in dry cool place.

Do not keep tinned food for too long as it will eventually loose it's taste, colour, flavour and smell.

Look out for any doming of the the cans top.

This is a sign that the food is fermenting in the can, you must discard any can that suffers from this.

Leaky cans can be caused by rust due to damp conditions.

You must discard any damaged cans as there is a chance that the contents are contaminated.

Do not store open cans,

You must put any left overs in a new sealable container and discard the old tin.


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