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Main Dish Ideas for Dinner Parties

Updated on October 25, 2008

Are you hosting a dinner party in the near future? Choosing the main dish is important, and it's something you shouldn't put off until the last minute. There's a good chance that your guests will start asking what you'll be serving for dinner ahead of time. Some of them have special dietary needs, so they need to know early what the menu will beat for health reasons. Others will want to contribute wine, a dessert, or a side item. Knowing what the main course will be can help them select an appropriate hostess gift or meal contribution.

Cornish Game Hen Recipe - If you're planning an elegant meal occasion, consider preparing and serving Cornish game hens. Don't be intimidated by the thought of cooking this entrée. Preparing Cornish game hens is much less difficult than it seems at first glance. Visit this hub and you'll find a simple to follow recipe for Apple Cinnamon Glazed Cornish Game Hens, along with tips for finding, serving, and preparing this elegant main dish that is sure to impress your guests.

Meatloaf Recipe- If you're planning to serve traditional comfort food at an upcoming dinner party, consider using the Simple Meatloaf Recipe detailed in this hub. This simple recipe makes a delicious meatloaf that can be served for any occasion, ranging from a casual gathering of family and friends to a holiday occasion. It's a convenient choice for dinner parties because it can be prepared several hours before cooking, and baking can be timed so that the dish is piping hot from the oven at the right serving time.

Roast Turkey Preparation Instructions-- Roast Turkey isn't just for holiday meal occasions. While it's traditional to serve turkey on Thanksgiving and on several other holidays, this main dish can be perfect for dinner parties and other meal occasions throughout the year. If you're planning to serve a large group, consider preparing a roast turkey using a Reynolds oven bag. Check out this hub and learn how you can count on cooking a tender and juicy turkey every time you decide to prepare one when you rely on Reynolds oven bags. This simple cooking technique has been the "secret" behind perfect turkeys in kitchens around the world for decades.

Beef and Beer Main Dish Recipe-- If you'd like to serve a hearty and unique beef dish at your next dinner party, consider trying this simple Beef and Beer Main Dish Recipe. Visit this hub and find out how to create this tasty meat and potatoes main dish that is sure to please your dinner guests, regardless of the occasion for your get together.


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