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Make Crazy Japanese Mini Burgers from Powder?

Updated on May 8, 2014

Japan and Weird just go hand in hand, and their food is a homage to that. Now down in a local variety shop there was a strange package that caught my eye, it was a kooky looking box with crazy Japanese cartoons on it. It was allegedly supposed to make a double cheeseburger meal, chips, drink and all, and all from sachets of magic powder.

Hamburger Popin' Powdered Burger
Hamburger Popin' Powdered Burger | Source

Although all the instructions were all in hiragana I managed to fumble my way through. There was a sachet for the dough, one for the fries, another on from the meat patties, one for the tomato sauce, one for the mustard and finally one for a we glass of fizzy drink made with sherbet and actually bubbled and everything.

Pro tip - make sure you don't throw away ANY of the packaging here when you are unboxing; pretty much everything will be used as a tool utensil for the burgers.

It also comes with a little tray, knife and spoon.

Each sachet had to be emptied and and mixed with water into a paste. Then using the different sections of the packaging, which toar off into its respective too, they were mixed together, filling the different moulds. The french fry one was the most interesting - its paste you mashed into a rectangle which had a perforated bottom so when finished, they would just snap apart into mini fries.

With the fries, mix with 2 of try triangle cups of water into the triangle container and then push flat with your finger to flatten it.

With the patty, do that same in the middle round container but with only one triangle cup. flatten this into the middle circle plastic container.
Do the same with the buns and place them in the two outer circle containers.
The cheese is made by pressing flat after mixing with one cup. The sauce is mixed with two cups.

Pro tip - Be careful not to add too much water to any of the containers when you are mixing the powders. The sauces and the drink mixtures are not so bad but if you accidentally add too much water to the bun or the patty mixture if can make things a little tricky. It's best not to add water to the mixture directly from the tap but rather fill a cup of water and this use a teaspoon to add drips to it slowly.

All the various molds are placed into the microwave for around 10-15 seconds. Unfortunately I was staying on the second floor and the microwave was not so I had to keep running up and down each time to retrieve the next piece to heat.

Finally they were all cooked and assembled. Came out an absolute hilarious treat. A Cheap little piece of entertainment or gift. The taste? The buns were a pleasant pancake texture, and the fried seemed to be made from a potato mash so they were pretty spot on. However my Japanese isn't so crash hot so I did get a couple of the sachets mixed up, which meant the burgers did taste slightly like sherbet and the drink did have a distinct sauce taste to in, so I'm pretty sure we got those two mixed up. Still, you go in it for the entertainment value not the taste.

They also come in a few other kits which are just as cute.
There's a wee little sushi candy kit, complete with faux caviar balls. There's also a cake shop, where you can make miniature candy ice creams, another one for making your own tiny waffles, a mini doughnut kit and also an adorable bento box kit.

Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 4 min
Ready in: 24 min
Yields: Serves two small puppies

Mini hamburger quick reference guide

Packet Colour
(large) Red packet
For the hamburger buns
Blue packet
The cheese mix
Orange packet
This is for the french fries
Brown packet
This is the 'meat patty' powder
Pink packet
This is the tomato sauce (NOT the soft drink)
(small) Red packet
THIS one is the soft drink
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© 2014 Kane


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