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Maki Sushi: So Easy That A Child Can Make It

Updated on August 10, 2013
So Easy A Child Can Make Sushi
So Easy A Child Can Make Sushi | Source

An Accidental Discovery

Two years ago I went to the Oxnard Strawberry Festival which has a great Arts and Crafts show. In addition to the great displays of handcrafted jewelry and art, there was a booth demonstrating easy sushi making. I had to stop and watch because I am always interested in making any food dishes faster and easier.

What Is Different About A Maki Sushi Maker?

A traditional sushi maker is made out of bamboo skewers and strings. You layer the rice and ingredients onto your nori (dried seaweed sheet), and then you roll. However, you have to balance putting enough pressure on the rice and the other ingredients and rolling the nori. My mother has a great roll and pull technique, which I have not mastered.

The maki sushi maker takes the nori equation out. Here are the steps to making your sushi.

1. Put maki sushi maker on top of your nori.

2. Put a layer of rice in the maki maker.

3. Take the top of the maki maker with the indentation pointing toward the rice and press so that there is a place to put your ingredients.

4. Add your ingredients: avocado, cucumbers, eggs, imitation crab, etc. (You don't need to use raw fish)

5. Cover with more rice.

6. Using the flat park of the top of the maki maker and push the rice mixture through while lifting the maker off the rice

7. Roll the nori around the rice. The nori is actually for ease to pick up the rice. It does not keep the rice together because the maki maker already shaped the rice already. If it does not close, add a little bit of water, and then place the crease side on the bottom so that the moisture from the rice also seals it.

Cooking Rice

5 cups short grain rice

5-1/3 cup water

First clean the rice by adding water and turning the rice in the water. Pour the water out and look for any discolored pieces that may look like pebbles. Clean the rice another two times, washing away the murky water that is full of starch from the milling process. Then, add the water and then use a rice cooker.

Vinegar Mixture

1/2 c vinegar

1/2 c sugar

3 tsp salt

In a small pan, heat the vinegar, sugar and salt mixture. Pour onto the rice and mix with a big spoon or a rice paddle. Keep stirring the rice. Wait until the rice is cool before making sushi.

So next time you have a party or your office is having a potluck, why not try making sushi with a maki sushi maker?You will easily impress your guests or coworkers. It is so easy to use that even a child can make it. Can you imagine what fun it is to make sushi with your children? My kids and I have fun making maki sushi, and it makes a great meal.

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    • alocsin profile image


      6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      This is easy enough that I can even try it. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • formosangirl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi Stephaniedas, if you ever misplace your bamboo roller like I did, you now know that there is a choice.

    • stephaniedas profile image

      Stephanie Das 

      6 years ago from Miami, US

      These are cool, I've seen them used in restaurants, but never really got it. I have a bamboo I feel so passe :p

    • formosangirl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks, Cat R. It would have been nearly impossible to teach my kids the traditional rolling method.

    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      I am a big fan of sushi, but never had the patience to learn how to make it. I may have to try this one day!

    • formosangirl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Thanks, Gordon Hamilton. I know that a lot of people like the experience of eating at sushi restaurant, but sushi restaurants can be expensive. We do not like raw fish in ours; so by making our own, we also save money with our ingredients.

    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 

      6 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      I absolutely love fresh, traditional sushi but it is not easy to get here in Scotland. I have eaten it in various parts of Europe but you have inspired me to have a go at making it. Very informative and interesting Hub.


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