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Making of Baby Food at Home

Updated on July 9, 2011

I made all the baby foods for my child at home. I personally believe that giving healthy and fresh food to kids are a must. It is the kid's right to eat healthy and grow in this much polluted, junk - cultured world.I have not once fed my child with readymade baby formula/food.

My mom helped me prepare to types of baby formulae at home. Here are the recipes for them, incase you would like to try. But I guarantee that both the formulae are nutritious and healthy and does not have any negative side effects to the child. These home made preparations are not only healthy, but preservative free, and easy to digest.

Recipe I:

Wash and dry 1kg Ragi, remove the husk and powder it.Once again seive it thoroughy and store this powder in air tight container. When required, take little powder from this mixture and cook it for 5-10 minutes in water or diluted milk, add brown/palm sugar or palm jaggery or jaggery. When the porridge becomes a thick consistency, remove it from fire, and feed the baby luke warm. Use white suagr, only if you do not have accessibility to other sugars. For variations, u can avoid milk and add a pinch of salt and feed; or for older kids (over 9 months), can add roasted multi cereal powder with salt and a little ghee and feed.

Recipe II:

Buy fresh raw small banana (very small one), peel it and slice into round pieces. Sun dry them and powder it. Seive it and store the powder in air tight container. This powder can be used to make baby formula or porridge as explained above and given to kids. It is healthy, nutritious and easy to digest. You can also mix banana powder with ragi powder and make porridge for babies.


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