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Man and what he decides to eat.

Updated on June 10, 2012

It is said, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” This is because man has preference for different foods. There are some things which are acceptable as food in some cultures and traditions while same thing is not eaten in other cultures and traditions. For instance some people eat Frog, Horse, Dog; Cat among others while others do not eat such as food and it may even be considered a sin to eat such as is said about pork meat in some religion or culture.

I remember a discussion I had with someone on global animal right (pets was the main concern) in which I asked the person “which animal are we to protect. Is it not better to protect all domestic animals than to protect some, if we want to protect animals? This is because some people may eat the animal you want to protect as food while you don’t eat it so that is why you want to protect it.”

Some people do not eat meat or flesh of higher animals and some of them claim that it is because of the diseases they can get from such higher animals

While the vegetarian do not eat flesh at all and some of them claim that they do not want to kill a living thing and among other reasons which may include health, religion and culture. I recall a discussion in which I was trying to tell someone the need for religious tolerance so that we can respect others and live together in peace but he tried to claim that his believe is the only truth. I tried to explain to him why humanity has to welcome the new changes unlike in the past when men insisted that their religion must be followed which led to persecution, killings, suffering, denials and human right abuse among others. After much discussion, he wanted to know how I measure what is wrong if I do not use ones religion so he asked me, “Why did man stop eating man. How did he know that it is bad?” “It is because they realized it is wrong and the need for people to live together in peace. But remember even then when man ate man they did not eat their own people. They ate others because they thought only them had the right to life as I mention in my work on human right so things changed as man became conscious of some things. It is same change that we talk about when we call for religious tolerance because now people kill, make hate speeches, because they think their religion is better than others or that it is their duty to ensure that man repents and follow their own religion.” “Okay,” he said, “is it not wrong that some people kill and eat other animals? While the vegetarian do not eat animals because they do not want to kill any living thing.” I did not really understood why he brought in such question under the subject matter and what he wanted to achieve but I answered, “Well, it depends on individuals and believes because some people belief the creator commanded them to kill and eat other animals. But for a vegetarian that claim he or she does not want to kill a living thing. They should know that even plants are living things.” Then he laughed.

Man eats living things in various forms for him to live and we also decide what to eat and what not to eat. It is a matter of man’s choice.


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