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Mango Altauflo Dessert

Updated on August 12, 2011

Champagne Mango Pudding

This is a very refreshing dish. It is also a sweet and rich dish well suited to warmer climates as well as all dessert lovers.

The Champagne Mango (Altaulfo Mango) is grown in southern Mexico, Central America, and the Philippines. It is a sweet yellow fruit that is ripe when it begins to soften and has a lovely fruity aroma. They ripen fast and will keep for a bit in the fridge. The mango may also be left out in a fruit bowl to ripen if it is still a bit hard.

The Champagne Mango is very inexpensive here. This week the Farmers’ Market had loads of them at three for a dollar US. However, you may also purchase them canned. If you are not in area that has fresh mangoes, please use the canned mangoes and instead of making simple syrup, just use the syrup the mangoes were canned in.

Mangoes are delicious simply pealed and eaten too!

The use of cinnamon in many traditional recipes is very healthy. Recently, I have read where cinnamon is very helpful in supporting the body when sugar is consumed. I always acquiesce to one of my favorite Internet information sites, Dr. Weil, so you may read the information for yourself and decide!

Now here is a shocker, most cinnamon that is sold as ‘cinnamon’ is NOT cinnamon. Make sure you are purchasing the real thing!

In this dish I use simple syrup. Simple syrup is 1 part water to 2 parts sugar cooked in a pan until the sugar is thoroughly melted. Be sure and stir/whisk the water and sugar while it cooks. Once it is dissolved cook a scant few minutes whisking until you are sure the sugar is melted into the water and cannot separate. Simple syrup is easy to make and useful in any number of desert dishes and fancy drinks. I keep a small bottle in the fridge for such times. If you purchase canned mangoes you may use the syrup in the can instead of the simple syrup.

Hummingbird food is a lighter form of simple syrup with water 3 parts to sugar 1 part!



1 Mango

2 bananas

1 can condensed sweetened milk

1 T. rum

½ cup simple syrup (approximate, see below)

Ground real cinnamon


Peel the mango and cut the flesh off of the seed, chop up the mango and place in a 4 C. bowl, pour the simple syrup on the mango until the mango is barely covered, and then mash/liquefy the mango. This is why the measuring of the simple syrup is approximate.

Pour in the condensed sweetened milk, rum and simple syrup

Gently whisk

Line the bottom of a 9” X 9” dish with sliced bananas

Gently pour the pudding over the bananas

Place in fridge over night (cover with pastic wrap)

Serve with a generous dusting of cinnamon

NOTE: This pudding will not set-up firm/hard like the pudding mixes you purchase at the store.

The taste is amazing. This may be served as a pudding dish or a topping for angel food cake or a fruit ice cream (pineapple ice cream would be great.)

I take this to a gathering of friends or family as it is too good not to share!


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Interesting hub. I bookmarked the recipe. I did not know that some spices calling themselves cinnamon may be an imposter-what in the world is it then?

      I love mangos-that is one of my favorie fruits. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Champagne Mango Pudding, wow, I had never heard that. Thanks for this 'delicious' recipe.