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Mango Dessert Smoothie Bowl, a Colorful and Tasty Dessert

Updated on July 16, 2020
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Mango dessert with a banana smoothie bowl, not the usual dessert

The mango dessert with a banana smoothie bowl is a dessert very simple to prepare, beautiful to look at and good to taste. mango dessert is made almost exclusively with fruit, so it is healthy. It is ideal for the summer months, but this does not mean that it can be consumed with satisfaction also in the other periods of the year (the important thing is to use seasonal fruit). The smoothie bowl is also a dessert for everyone since the recipe is really easy, almost banal. The visual and organoleptic yield, however, is excellent. The credit obviously goes to the list of ingredients, which leaves nothing to chance.

One of the protagonists of the recipe is mango, an exotic fruit also widely consumed in Italy. It is grown in tropical countries, but available all year round. Among the many positive characteristics of mango, the high concentration of vitamin A stands out, a substance that as many knows are good for the eyes (and not only). mango dessert with a banana also contains a lot of vitamin C, and from this point of view, it has nothing to envy to citrus fruits. Mango is also famous for its weakly laxative abilities, for contrasting water retention and also for the great supply of fibres, which regulate the metabolism and reduce constipation.

Banana, an underrated fruit with excellent properties

One of the main ingredients in the mango smoothie bowl is banana. It is one of the most consumed fruit by Italians, even if only one of the many variations "circulates" in our country. In addition to the taste, the banana is also appreciated for its nutritional characteristics. The reference is to the exceptional potassium intake: a single banana provides 30% of the daily potassium requirement. Incidentally, potassium is a fundamental element for cell regeneration, for the health of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems.

Banana is also an excellent source of vitamins. Specifically, it provides a lot of vitamin B2, which is characterized by its purifying properties, as well as vitamin B6 which regulates the production of hormones. Bananas are also characterized by the amount of fibre, which as I have already specified represent a cure-all for metabolism. Bananas are said to be a fat fruit. It's really like this? It is true, the calorie intake is higher on average than other fruits, but does not contain a lot of fat. The recommended doses for this recipe, however, are quite low, so there is no risk for your line: the smoothie bowl remains a dietetic dessert.

The many merits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate plays an important role in the mango smoothie bowl recipe. In particular, it is applied "grated" at the end of preparation so that it can affect the taste, but also from a visual point of view, almost as a decoration. Dark chocolate, as many know, is a healthy product, certainly healthier than milk chocolate. It is low in sugars, but rich in antioxidants, which generate a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Paradoxically, it is more caloric than "normal" chocolate as it contains more cocoa (also cocoa butter), which is fatter than milk or other components that are generally added to complement the other types of chocolate.

Dark chocolate is good for the mood. In fact, it stimulates the release of endorphins, substances responsible for the sensation of pleasure. Dark chocolate is also rich in oleic acid, a fat that helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol, and therefore to prevent cardiovascular diseases. As for the calorie intake, it is useless to hide it, dark chocolate is at a high level. Of course, it depends on the amount of cocoa, but we always talk, and at a minimum, of 500 kcal per 100 grams. The advice, therefore, is not to abuse it; not surprisingly, the quantity required for this recipe is very minimal.

Here is the recipe of the mango and banana smoothie bowl: Ingredients:

  • 2 diced mangoes;
  • 2 bananas cut into small pieces;
  • 1 dl of orange juice;
  • 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds;
  • 125 g blackberries;
  • 2 passion fruits;
  • 30 g coconut chips;
  • 20 g of 72% dark chocolate.


To prepare the mango dessert with a banana smoothie bowl, start by washing the mango, then peel it and dice it. Do the same with the banana. Now squeeze the orange and set the juice aside. Then move on to the blackberries, wash them and cut them in two. Finally, extract the pulp from the passion fruit, chop the chocolate using a grater and lightly toast the coconut chips. Put the cut bananas, about three-quarters of mango, two tablespoons of hemp seeds and orange juice into the blender, then blend until you obtain a homogeneous and fairly thick cream. Pour the freshly blended mixture into the bowls and lay the passion fruit pulp, the remaining mango (i.e. a quarter), the grated chocolate, the chopped blackberries and the toasted coconut chips on top. If you can reproduce the effect you find in the image.

Note for celiacs or gluten-sensitive

Always check that the ingredients you use for the preparation of your recipes are suitable for coeliacs and people sensitive to gluten. Check the barred ear, the presence on the AIC Handbook or the indications on the manufacturer's label.

Note for lactose intolerant

From the ministerial note: The word "delactosate" has been eliminated, as it was previously associated with the word "dietetic". The term lactose-free may be used instead for dairy products and for milk with a lactose content of less than 0.1 g per 100 g or ml

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